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There is no doubt that archeology plays a significant role in our society. Through archeology, it is possible to rebuild the history of people who lived in the world before not to mention finding artifacts that reflect various facets of their civilization. Having found the grave of a celebrity who believed in life after death, I was privileged to find a number of objects that she had placed in her coffin. The first object was a fashion magazine with articles on fashion trends. This magazine also had a photograph of celebrity, and this could be the reason as to why she chose to include it in her coffin in order for her to read it in the after-world. There was some currency in the form of notes, and this could have been taken by the celebrity for use to but some products with it. The currency was mainly $100 bill with the face of Benjamin Franklin on it. Another artifact in the celebrity’s coffin was a photograph of herself during her teenage. This photo must have been included in the coffin as a special reminder of the celebrity’s teenage life. Surprisingly, I also saw a blue ray DVD disk with the latest movie. Wrapped in a small bag, the movies must have been intended to entertain the celeb. Lastly, I managed to find a log of events detailing the daily activities of the celeb during her last two years.

Given that the celebrity planned on what to use in the afterlife, most of the objects she chose were well prepared for burial together with her remains. First, the magazine had been produced with quality paper that was water resistant, and because it could have been destroyed by moisture or water. Apart from the well-covered magazine, the currency made of $ 100 bill were also made of quality paper and covered with a thin foil of aluminum. This foil was to protect the currency. The celebrity’s photo while at teenage could not be left to contact dirt and get spoiled. Instead, the photo was laminated making with a clear plastic. Indeed, the special preparations of the above artifact ensure their survivability.

The choice of the items to include in the time capsule was a decision that was made by the celeb. Whereas the celeb had not chosen symbolic items for inclusion in the time capsule, this was an option she could have explored. There are many symbolic items such as the Bible, the Quran or the crucifix. These items can be placed in the casket alongside the celeb’s remains to symbolize religious inclination. The Bible, a Holy Book in the Christendom are one of the best symbols that can show one’s affiliation to Christianity. In addition, the Quran will have also provided evidence of the celebrity’s attachment to Islam. Lastly, the crucifix is a sure sign of the celeb’s faith in the Son of God-- JESUS CHRIST. Symbolic items have a unique role to play in shaping life after death for those who hold this belief. As presented in the paper, it is possible for the celeb to have included symbolic items to strengthen her beliefs and religious views in the after-world.

In some cases, individuals may include artifacts are easily destroyed because of their short lifespan. For example, one may include perishable items like their favorite food and other artifact that are made from materials that do not last long. As an illustration, one can include wooden carving of significant meaning that may not last long. When these artifacts are exposed to elements of weather, most of them experience decay and will not be available in the afterlife. There are a number of reasons as to why such artifacts will include in a time capsule. Since some of the artifacts are made of vulnerable materials such as wood, such items would not be replaced. Instead, they had to be included irrespective of their lifespan. Items like food are included in the time capsule with the belief that they will not be available in the afterworld. Because of these reasons, archeologists keep discovering small portions of items that are worn out while at the same time finding others intact. Nonetheless, this presents an opportunity for people to improve their skills in preservation of archeological material (Muckle, 2006).


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