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Memory is basically the ability of human beings to store, preserve, and recover specific pieces of information, past experiences or knowledge of processes. Memory is a very significant function of the brain that involves many other functions such as recalling, forgetting, imagining, thinking, reasoning, being attentive, imminent and approval of beauty.

According to many scientists, memory and intelligence have been termed as two things that are strongly related. Intelligence is known to be measured by the memory of an individual depending on its level (Klingberg, 2009). Because of the fact that human beings have different capacities of recalling and remembering things of the past, their intelligence is then measures by that fact. That means that people who are able to recall past events and use them immediately to solve certain problems are known to be more intelligent than those who may not have a clear picture of what they would have wished to remember. The less intelligent people are, therefore, believed to have low memory retrieval ability. For instance, the mathematics lovers are known to be good problem solvers as they are able to think and act fast on what they know and remember.

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Speaking about everything that happens in the life of human beings, the brains display many different functions from the time the process starts to the time it ends (Klingberg, 2009). For example, if one was planning to drive to a nearby store, the memory is basically in charge of the whole process because there will be a part of it that will think of the idea of driving the car, while another part will think of how to get to the store and how to operate the vehicle, not forgetting the memory of ensuring safety during the driving process. That means that memory which is known to be situated in the brain is not just one thing but itis situated and operates around the whole brain, and it functions in many different ways.

The intelligence in human beings is also usually affected by different factors, which can be avoided or changed through various things. According to researchers and scientist, a person with good memory abilities can develop situations where his memory becomes poor due to such factors as age, intake of alcohol and drugs, stress, and depression among other things. These are all things that are good at creating interferences in a person’s mind hence destructing the capability of the brain to work well (Klingberg, 2009). The memory is in the long run affected and it loses or reduces its effectiveness.

When these and those factors are present in a person’s mind, it becomes difficult for them to keep anything from their past experiences in their memory, even the most recent happenings. There are also other forms of memory lose which can be caused by diseases such as Alzheimer where a person’s memory becomes very low. Another disease that can obstruct the brain from functioning well is schizophrenia. This is a disorder of the brain where a person’s memory is unstable due to the fact that everything he sees and thinks about may be unreal but hallucinations and illusions.

Treatments for such problems are available in different forms of either medications or psychiatric, after which the brain can be able to function well again (Klingberg, 2009). As for such factors as age, alcohol and others, treatment can be gained through things like exercising on weekly basis, eating healthy food, and using certain supplements to change and improve the effectiveness of memory of an individual. Memory tests such as filling puzzles and crosswords can be of great help too, including other different memory exercises and tests of the mind.


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