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The single and most enormous challenge for those in the field of health is inherent assumption that everyone else knows as much as they do. The discussion over if obesity is a disease or not becomes as obesity level and worth of treating obesity connected conditions increase in the global measure. With almost no clear agreement between government entities and medical associations on if obesity is a disease or not, law groups continue to lobby for and against determining obesity as a hazardous disease. Proponents stress that announcing obesity as a fatal disease will significantly decrease the social stigma related to obesity, allow it the same legal benefits as other illnesses, and make medical professionals, insurers, and employers to care it with the same intensity of relation given other diseases.

Opponent contest that determining obesity as a disease would scare overweight or obese people who are healthy into searching for unnecessary medical care, divert public funds to care a preventable condition and be discriminatory to people who select a various type of body. They state that classifying obesity as a hazardous sickness will not address the emphasized progress triggering it, such as extreme poverty, the prevalence of unhealthy processed foods, not many public policies encouraging exercise, and other environmental causes.

According to the proponent obesity is a sickness due to the fact that it is caused by genetics, biological factors, or illnesses that cause the creation of weight gain, including hypothyroidism, Cushing syndrome, and polycystic ovary syndrome. On the contrary, opponents argue that obesity is not a sickness as it results from a person’s opted life style, environment which includes economic status, residential location, and social circle not forgetting the eating habit.

In accordance with the diehard opponents, obesity, like many various diseases, distorts the normal performance of a body. Fat people possess excess adipose tissue that can trigger the over production of exact molecules and mediators in the body, which in some time is followed by the abnormal regulation of food intake and extreme energy waste. Also obesity reduces a person’s life expectancy and in strict conditions can be followed by death, just as other illnesses. Adults who are obese are tended to the risk of three years loss of life. Extreme level of obesity can reduce a person’s life span by a margin of ten years-comparable to the decrease of life from the effects of smoking.

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In accordance with the recent extensive research contacted on obesity, it is vividly displayed that inheritability of overweight it is about the same as that of height. Thus, obesity is not the result of people completely having no willpower to exercise or the behavior to eat not so much but it is predetermined genetically. Apart from this, the governmental units involving the Food and Drug Administration, National Institute of Health and Internal Revenue Services have approved that obesity is a sickness.

Obesity is a main and extreme risk reason that gives an elaborate development layout for other chronic diseases involving hypertension, diabetes, and other forms of cancer. Other risk factors are also depicted as diseases, such as hypertension which is described as a disease because it is a risk factor for heart failure and stroke, obesity has a characteristic sign-excess fat-which is measured by BMI or increase weight circumference measures hence categorized as a disease for the general and medical dictionaries explain diseases as conditions that have characteristics signs.

According to the opponents obesity does not necessarily distract and interfere with the normal functioning of the body as other diseases do. A greater percentage of people with BMI in the obesity range are not physically impaired and they tend to live normal lives. It is highly recommended to note that obesity is a matter of person’s responsibility. People became obese because the very poor feeding dietary decisions and more often insufficient exercise and in most cases no exercise at all.

Unlike other diseases that led to shorten life expectancy or even death, a large population of obese people tends to live long lives and they do not develop diseases that are commonly associated with obesity such as hypertension. Excess weight is the result of sedentary lifestyles and illness. Compared to the previous forty years, most people today are prone of spending most of their time in commuting, watching television, sitting in front of a computer, playing video games, and generally having less exercise.

One more article written by George Orwell Politics and the English Language criticizes the disgusting and not accurate modern written English. The writer says that all the political speeches were made to show the lies sound good and trustworthy. He also trusted that the language in such prose was rather empty and having no meaning in order to veil the real truth and meaning hidden under the cover of such speeches. This kind of truth covered not only those involved in the hiding process, but also those people who had no intent to hide a thing. The author also protects instead Plain English.

He states the following words for advocating this:

“The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one's real and one's declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink.”

In accordance with Orwell’s article, the people (especially politicians) try to hide their real motives and intentions behind some special euphemism and rephrasing the sentences. The writer believes that this is much better to ponder with the poor English as the language is being in decline.

The author states that the contemporary writers are intended not to write in exact terms, but attempt to apply the "pretentious latinized style," and he makes the comparison of the initial Bible text with such kind of parody in the current English language in order for the readers to appreciate and comprehend what he really means. The author wants to emphasize that he did not mean any literal meaning for the words and phrases, but wanted to analyze the English language as the instrument for expressing one’s thoughts.


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