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Singapore holds The Marina Bay Sands that is the second Integrated Resort feature ever built. Developed by Las Vegas Sands, it is one of the world largest gaming companies. From the government overview, its main aim of constructing the Marina Bay sands was to build a unique feature that would differentiate Singapore from her cities. This is true from the view of the bay where there exist three cascading hotel towers. A beautiful Skypark platform on the top connects these towers bringing a delightful view from the top. This uniqueness is invisible anywhere in Singapore. In addition to its strategic position, the IR host business and leisure facilities in one location. This gives visitors a wider variety of numerous shopping and dining options. Also in the surroundings, other exceptional features help in attracting people from far. It serves many people with exclusive characteristics thus boosting the image of Singapore (Travel, 2011).

Maria Bay Sands is on a bay called Marina Bay. This bay lies on the southern part of Singapore and serves as a never-ending place for different opportunities to people who want to discover new things. As a bay, it attracts tourists from various places coming to visit its natural scenery. The initiative for the government to build the Maria bay sands hotel made the city a global place of attraction. With its unique features, the hotel stands to be exceptional in Singapore. For instance, on the Skypark, one can see not only Singapore, but also the skyline of Johor Baharu in Malaysia and the Strait of Malacca to the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The Skypark also hosts more than 900 different species with 250 types of trees. This makes the Skypark green thus the natural beauty of nature. In addition, it contains various recreational facilities like the 10 immense art installation by Antony Gormley, Sol LeWitt and Ned Kahn. These unique features used to beautify the hotel made Singapore a strategic global city (Kim, 2011).

A country blessed with natural features is a rich country. Singapore fits in this category since the many unique natural features exhibited in the city makes it a developed one. In the Marina Bay for instance, there is a common service tunnel system to assist in distribution of utilities like water pipes, electrical and telecommunication cables. In addition, there is the waterfront gardens construction. Pedestrian bridges that will facilitate transportation will connect these gardens (Wrathall, 2011). As a home for horticulture displays, backyard partisanship and flowery artistry, this garden will form another recreation place for Singapore thus selling its image. The Marina Bay City Gallery is yet another feature that makes Singapore a place to visit. It has new technologies that ease the visitor’s trip for viewing the developing city. Other developments that help in making Singapore a global city include the Helix Bridge, the Marina Barrage, the Marina Bay Golf course, the Youth Olympic Park, and others (Administrator, 2011).

Building a structure from a bay is a miracle that Singapore needs credit. It all started with a reclamation process that saw the Marina centre and Marina south areas develop. This continued with the government increasing its services to create a water reservoir. Water from River Singapore was directed to the bay after reclamation. This reservoir helps in various activities like flood control, supplying water and other recreational services in the bay. The government indeed invested in this activity for making Singapore a global city (Liu, 2001).

Marina Bay Sands is one of its kinds. It has increased the worth of tourism in Singapore: regards to the government. With all the efforts, it has made Singapore a global city with unique features.


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