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The main purpose of writing this letter is to invite you, on behalf of the board of directors, to the upcoming 2011 annual human resource conference.

The main theme of the conference is ‘Technology’- a key tool that brings development. It will be held from 4th to 5th December, 2011 at the Oceanfront Conference Center, in San Antonio. The main objective is to advise the organization how to get maximum business benefits through technology. This will help solve all the human resource challenges, which is a benefit to an organization.

The keynote speaker of the conference will be Susan Mcleen who will focus on the topic “Getting Maximum Business Benefits through Technology”. There will also be other five speakers who will also discuss topic regarding technology. Complete draft on subjects to be covered with the five speakers of the conference will be forwarded to the registered members two weeks before the conference.

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The outline schedule of the conference will also be forwarded to the registered members in the same week. The conference will start at 9.00 am, and the masters of the ceremony will open the conference by introducing the main theme and purpose of the ceremony. Three speakers will discuss some topics on the first day of the conference, which is 4th December. The other two speakers and the keynote speaker will give their speech on 5th December, which is the last day of the conference. The conference will end at 2.00 pm with a word of prayer.

The cost of each member attending the conference is $100 whereby the cost will cater for accommodation and food for the two days. Every Person is required to carry their personal items since they will not be provided. The attendee may carry warm clothes because of the cold weather of the place where the conference will be held.

During the process of registration, we will ask for contact information and email address that will help in sending the outline schedule and the complete draft of the subject to be discussed. The attendee is needed to give his or her email address that is working by writing a letter to our organization. This is because we will send a message that will confirm completion of the registration process. All participants should register by October 21, 2011, and email registered guests on November 1, 2011 with a full conference schedule and additional information.

In closing, we would be honored and pleased if you all attend the conference.


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