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The famous phrase, “the end justifies the means”, touches on the ethics of an act. Morality of any act bases on the consequence of the act and not the act itself. The phrase has its roots from Niccolo Machiavelli’s book “The Prince”. Machiavelli’s interpretation meant that one should do anything required to get a result irrespective of the fact that the action might be legal or illegal, bad or good, human or inhuman, truth or lies or even democratic or dictatorial.

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His idea of realism as a view of power is a context that can never prevail in a democratic nation. The idea always backs up the interests of the mighty and those with a reputation and clearly forgets the interests of the powerless, the voiceless and the poor people, who have little or no say in the society. I believe that idealistic governance brings out a democratic nation, which can effectively create policies that can guarantee the safety and happiness of every individual. According to idealists like Plato, violence is never just unless it’s for self-defense.

The citizens always appoint their representatives to stand for their interests in policy making. However, such representatives may put their interests at first place, and this ends up denying the citizen’s right of participation in policy making. This becomes an irony if we will always continue saying that government is for the people.

United States should not block avenues that can lead to success of other nations if their aim is to remain the number one super power. With no competition the country might politically and economically stagnate or rise at a decelerating rate. When all the nations have a positive support from each other, there tends to be maximized growth of the continent at large.

No country should use its power on the basis of creating peace while interfering country with own separate interests.


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