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The heat of the tension could not be calmed as the man himself, Tiger Woods took the microphone at Pebble Beach after ten years and uttered, “I need a good start” almost as if aiming to receive sympathy and prayers from loyal fans. The recent past has been rocky for Woods both on and off the ground and the fact that Woods will be teeing off opposite Phil Mickelson only added to the excitement as two of the greatest golf legends stood in face off.

“I don’t care about the score. I’m just happy to see Tiger play here again. He’s the best at the game and deserves to know that his fans miss him and hope to see him play more often!” Jenna Downey, an avid golfer herself prompted Woods on.

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Starting at precisely 9:29 AM, Sunday’s final round of the AT&T National Pro-Am at Pebble Beach became a dream match-up for tournament organizers and golf fans everywhere. The outcome aside, the real winners are the local charities that benefit from the AT&T National Pro-Am. The news of Woods returning was enough to gain a full house and the scores were well worth the wait as Phil Mickelson shot an 8 under round of 64 to come back from a 6 shot deficit to win the tournament.

Mickelson spoke to the press and fans later, “I was seeing everything today, I felt great, and it feels good to get my game back.”

Things were not looking so bright for Woods after talk circled around the weekend that Tiger may finally break his winless drought as he shot a dismal 75 in the final round

Despite the scores, Monterey Peninsula Foundation CEO, Steve John said, “Having Tiger here is great for the tournament” applauding his participation in the noble cause.

“We are expecting to surpass $100 million overall are happy with the number of people that have come out to see this epic dual,” Steve Worthy, the Monterey Foundation President, and Ryan Pierce, Public Relations Manager, could hardly control his enthusiasm and gratitude for supporters.


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