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One of the essay’s strengths is that it is written from firsthand experience. This makes it more narrative. Giving a person’s own-life account is not hard. This has facilitated the construction of an interesting essay that has a logic flow. The second strength is that the essay talks about one issue, i.e. giving. This provides room for detailed analysis and description of the issue. It also ensures that the reader is not lost on the way. It has no complications due to the use of simple language and clear illustrations.

However, the essay can be boring and monotonous. This is because the theme is sole throughout the text. The reader may feel exhausted and bored by concentration on one issue. Monotonous kills the readers’ morale. Since the whole essay talks about giving, the reader may opt to read the first paragraph and understand the whole message. Another weakness is that the essay talks about giving with relation to a person’s life experience. Readers may have mixed perceptions concerning the essay. Some may see it as posing, pride or ego, while others may understand the correct message conveyed.

It is not easy to expose personal life, especially in writing, with the knowledge that a number of people may access it. The feeling of embarrassment, when exposing private things, was evident. The essay reminded me of some past events that I wished not to remember for a long time. Teaching is not easy, and the essay required me to teach about giving. Also, it appeared like preaching and convincing people to give.


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