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Free «Childhood Moments» Essay Sample

Being a girl, there are moments that I wish they would recur. As a kid, I did not understand the taste of things. For example, I wondered why the paint had a bitter taste. The smell of things puzzled me. The lingering sweet smell from my mom’s dress was so sweet like peaches; however, it was from lotion. I was having a curious mind to know how the color changed. When I was mixing blue color paint with yellow color pain in art class, I used to wonder where the green color came from. The reason for me feeling pain and what caused it baffled me. As a kid, I used to fall down and it hurts, but I did not know why so I just started crying. I sometimes cried over no particular reason. My imagination was always in wonderland. I just looked at the clouds and I would see various shapes without knowing why that was so. As a kid, I would always love novels with happy endings and despise the ones with tragedies.

Curiosity drove my actions. I wondered why things were done the way I saw them. Nothing much was serious. Furthermore, if I happened to do a mistake, my parents and members of the community considered me as a child. This meant that I was free from punishment. My parents were not bothered when they found me hanging out with allies. This was possible because there were no duties assigned to me. Every time there was a holiday or an occasion like during Christmas my people brought presents for me. Every story that was narrated to me seemed real. I imagined and creatively developed pictures of Santa and giants in mind after listening to oral narratives. This was out of naivety. Things were so simple unlike when you get old.


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