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Free «The feeling of giving» Essay Sample

Giving results from a personal drive. It is neither an obligation nor a duty. However, people may give for two reasons. One of them is because they are forced by circumstances to do so. For instance, financial aid is required and there is only one person who can help. The second reason is for pleasure and willingness. When people give willingly, they satisfy their inner drive and motives.

Giving makes someone feel good. The brain experiences a positive feeling both when giving to another person and when witnessing a giving activity. There is a warm glow when one gives to other people either through pledges or instant charity. My visit to a children’s home made me feel useful in the society. It brought a sense of belonging and worthiness of living. It raises a person’s self-esteem while bringing life satisfaction.

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The benefits associated with giving are bound to last for years and it affects other aspects of life. Since I started giving to others I became healthier and do not suffer from anxiety or depression. I always do not feel good for what I get, but for what I give. “You only have what you give” and it’s by spending that one becomes rich. Negative emotions are erased by kind and compassionate deeds. In addition, giving influences people’s perception on a particular person. It brings admiration, recognition and approval. I helped raise a colleague’s tuition fees and everybody who knew me expressed praises that to me seemed too much. They showed respect towards me. It is through giving that I connect and build strong relationships were developed.

Giving can be used as a measure of personality. It helps people realize that they aren’t mean, selfish and inconsiderate. Rather, it helps people realize that they are generous, compassionate, caring and loving among others. When I started giving, my character traits changed accordingly. This is due to the feeling associated with giving that leaves me do it again and again.


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