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I grew up in the state Of Texas in Dallas. It ranks third in population in the state of Texas and ninth in the United States of America. It is a center for industries such as cotton and oil industries. The city extends into neighboring areas or counties like Denton, Kaufman, Collin and Rockwall. Growing up in Dallas led me to notice a number of things about the city. Using my sense of sight, I was able to know what is found in Dallas, what surrounds Dallas and its topography. The city is flat just like its surrounding counties. A limestone escarpment runs through the county of Dallas from the north to the south (Yves, 2004).

White Rock Lake is a distinctive feature found in Dallas. The lake has a surrounding park which serves as a tourist attraction for boaters, bikers and joggers. The city has remarkable architecture work that dates from the 19th and 20th centuries. Modern architectural works include JFK Memorial, Symphony center and the reunion tower. There are several skyscrapers which grace the city. They include Renaissance Tower, Comerica Bank Tower and the Bank of America Plaza. A walk to the northern section of downtown there is the arts district which harbors several arts venues e.g. the Dallas Museum of Arts, the symphony center and the Nasher sculpture center (Yves, 2004).

New York City

New York City is found in the state of New York which is the twenty-seventh largest state in the United States of America. There are several notable features within the city. To the east of the city we have the Great Appalachian valley. To the north we have a lake known as the Lake Champlain. To the west of the Appalachian valley we have the Adirondack Mountains. Staten, Long and Manhattan islands build much of the city. The city has architecturally striking buildings that vary in terms of style. The city also has noticeable building which grace the city. The Empire State Building is one of the biggest skyscrapers in the city built using the Art Deco style. Stone and brick are the main construction materials used in construction of buildings. A walk through the city, one will notice that there are wooden roof escalated water towers. The city is also home to the Statue of Liberty National Monument. The city is also endowed with various cultural institutions e.g. the Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Joanne, 2010).

Contrast between the two cities

New York City and Dallas city are both great cities with great and spectacular sites that capture the five senses i.e. touch, smell, hear, sight and taste. The various geographical features and works of art capture the sense of sight. The two cities are however, different in terms of what one can see. Dallas city is flat unlike New York City. Dallas also has skyscrapers but, unlike New York, its skyscrapers are not as big as those found in New York. New York City has the biggest skyscraper.  Dallas is also different from New York City in that, it is not surrounded by a valley (Yves, 2004).


Sight is one of the five senses that human beings have. It allows one to see what surrounds them. It also allows one to enjoy the beauty of nature and the beauty of art and generally everything that surrounds man. Lack of sight means that one is blind and hence cannot see. Growing up in the Dallas city meant that I was able to enjoy the beauty that surrounds the city since I could see. It also meant that I could explore every part of the city and notice the remarkable features that are part of the city.


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