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Broken English is a terminology that refers to the incomplete register of English that is applied by a non native speaker. The broken English may perhaps be incomplete, fragmented or defined by use of diction in places that are in appropriate and use of defective syntax. Amy tan in her article on “Mother Tongue” considers the comparison of the broken English and the Standard English and the impact that broken English has on the listener depending with their origin. For instance, in her case, she is an American writer of Chinese origin, for this reason, she is torn between two different settings of the English language unlike her mother who only has the Chinese English setting that has societal values and behaviors that are in complete contrast in comparison to those in America. For this chief reason, she can longer understand what her mother s English at ease as she considers her English as “broken”. He mother English is of Chinese accent, this is the main reason why her colleagues are able to understand what she says unlike Amy Tan (Tan, 47)

English as a language comprise of many aspects; first, the arrangement of words in a precise order and that are uttered in a particular way thus indicating meaning that is clear. This is generally the description function and purpose of English language in the society. The second aspect of English language is very fundamental and it includes the self expression of one self in addition to the ability to share these expressions with other people in the society. Therefore, the acquisition of ones mother tongue provides a person with the right to learn their cultures and values. Thus, the acquisition of the mother tongues language is a good way of preserving bonds and reducing cultural encounters between relatives and generations. This is exactly what the author of the article “mother tongue” tries to bring forward, the essentials of language, the absence of language means silence.

In the article “mother tongue”, Amy Tan gives her own account the broken English spoken by her mother, her English was that of a person who was not intelligent. However, despite Amy being familiar with the Standard English, she applies uncomplicated style of words while addressing her mother. Amy is also uncomfortable with the term broken English in her entire life simply because the term insinuates that the English spoken by her mother can not be fixed and is a reflection of the content of her language. However, in the real sense Amy is aware that her mother’s English is more clear and imaginary than the Standard English that she has acquired (Tan, 48).

Language is not merely a product of the life of human beings but in fact it is the necessity of the human life. This is an implication that, human beings need a human affiliation in order to survive. Therefore, if any level of language whether standard or broken English is denied to an individual, the end results are death. The conversation between Amy’s Standard English and her mother’s “broken English” signifies how human beings how human beings apply different languages and different tones in conversation. One main effect of broken English is the failure to relay one’s thought into words that can be understood by someone else. A good instance of this effect is in the article when Amy’s mother was having a conversation with the stock broker (Tan, 49). English, in all its diverse variations, is just a language; in addition, the only person that is likely to limit you from accomplishing your objectives is yourself. Whether an individual speak broken or standard English, what holds them all together is the understanding that every person is equal and is worth love and respect in a similar manner.


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