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This was a continuous or rather a series of four well coordinated terrorist attacks. It was planned by the Islamist terrorism group known as al-Qaeda to attack the American New York city and the part of Washington D.C. on the September 11, 2001. It happened on a Tuesday morning when the 19 al-Qaeda terrorist hijacked four passenger jets with intention of flying the passengers to in suicide attacks in the targeted buildings (Wasser, 2004). Apart from the four buildings that were demolished, other big structures and buildings also fell due to this. The attack led to death of almost 3000, 227 civilians and 19 hijackers aboard the four planes.

The toxicity effects on the first respondents

Toxicity is the extent at which a substance can damage organism; this can be a damage of the whole organism or only a part of it. The attack led to excessively large tons of the toxic debris being deposited at the area of the incident. The toxic had a lot of contaminants which include the carcinogen spread across lower Manhattan owing to the collapse of the twin towers.

Exposure to the toxic in the debris led to the fatal or rather the debilitating illness among the people who were first respondents and even those who came to rescue the situation. The air situation affected the survivors with allergic reactions and responses. This caused sneezing and breathing problems among the survivors; chronic airway diseases were experienced even six years later. It caused respirator problems that highly led to the various lung problems. Apart from that, there was an impaired lung function due to inhaling the toxic air. Pregnant women and children born by those mothers were also affected. Because the toxins inhaled by the parents were fatal and led to illnesses, children are born with different abnormal conditions. The carcinogen as a part of the toxins led to cancerous cells. It was, therefore, noted that the affected victims were diagnosed with cancer. There was also eye irritation due to the air which led to eye damage involving tissue damage or rather degrading of vision. The toxins also caused skin corrosion; the condition of the air led to sensitivity of the skin and thus leading to skin diseases.

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Pros and cons of the ‘war on terror’

These are the possible advantages and disadvantages of the war that the US launched against Iraq. There are both its effects which helped and those that were not viewed as good for them. There might have been possibility of links or rather contacts and ties between the al-Qaida and the Iraq. They, probably, gave rise a possibility of chemical and biological agent training since they were reported to harbor the same interest. The al-Qaida was able to acquire weapons from the Iraqis. On the other hand, the Iraq denies the fact and refuses any claims of them having any affiliation with the al-Qaida.

The war was taken to enhance safety of the US. This was to be following the efforts made the US to succeed on the global war on terror. The threats hence being lessened towards the Americans (Wasser, 2004). The removal of Saddam advanced peace through the Middle East border. On the contrary, the war caused motives of revenge hence there being no full safety in America as proposed. The US did not establish full safety in this war as they might have intended. The war on terror still did not secure it.

The war of terror by the US made the Iraq being a violator of the United Nations resolutions. The agreement was made that no nation of the world was allowed by any point to enforce the resolution military except the cases when the security council determines there has been a breach of the resolution. So, US had no right to react or attack the Iraq to sort any dispute. The Iraq claimed that the US attacked them on the basis of the oil, saying that the US wanted to control their oil and level of production. The attack in the contrary led to the low production of the Iraq oil.

Factors contributing to the 9/11 attack effects

According to the intelligence, the attack was caused by major factors which were viewed from the different perspectives. The hijackers’ reasons for the attack were found to be due to the support that the Americans were giving to the Israel. The attacks affected the economic functions of all NATO nations because the attackers had intention of removing the tough US forces from the Islamic countries (Wasser, 2004). Other reason that led to the total political and economic destruction of the US nation is not only the support to Israel, but an intention of not allowing the disbelievers to dominate. It is the response not only to the military activities and politics of US, but also the warning to other repressive states in the world.

 This was a major blow to the nation following the amount of money used for the reconstruction of the building. In conclusion, the war on terror led to safety since the threats were lessened and the land was made safer than before.


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