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The story on the lottery by Shirley Jackson is a story of a society which is oppressed by the traditional norms and believes. It is a heartbreaking to witness a society cruelly stone to death one of its members. The story happened in an unnamed town. The writer describes the day of the even as “clear and sunny” and the citizens are assembling for the annual lottery event (Shirley, 1948). Surprisingly, children are the first to gather; they have recently closed school for summer holidays and are now energetically involved in heaping up stones; which eventually turned out to be the stones that will be used to brutally pelt at the winner. It is so mecholic that even the young people are involved in such acts of brutal and barbaric killing. The men are described as smiling rather than laughing and that implies that they are aware of what would happen and they uphold it.

The man who heads the lottery is described as, “jovial man” and considers the task as minor event (Shirley, 1948). The villagers are also described as murmuring when Mr. Summer arrives and besides they kept distance from the wooden box as sign of fear. This generally indicates that people in that society are oppressed by the tradition to the extent that they have no role to play. Shirley asserted that “no one liked to upset even as much tradition as was presented by black box” (p.25). Similarly, the old generation in this society is entrenched in the tradition such that they are not ready to accept any change. Warner strongly believes that, quitting the lottery event is uncivilization. Moreover, when Adams said that some communities had abandoned the practice of lottery, Warner becomes so furious, and he shouted, “Packs of young fools” which depicted the high levels of intimidation the young people are facing in that society (Shirley, 1948).

Sadly to say, the winner of the lottery is brutally stoned to death by the society and its family members. This happened because of tradition and prejudice that has taken control in that society. Basically, such kinds of events are not acceptable in our modern society.


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