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Goals are termed as aspects which tend to cover the aspect of the future of individuals. Goals can be categorized into physical goals, career goals, financial goals, self development and spiritual goals, relationship and family goals, social goals and pleasure goals. Physical goals are those forms of goals which are related to the physical wellbeing of a person whereas the career goals comprise of goals which tend to explain the future jobs that individuals will be linked with. Financial goals seek to explain the financial state that individuals will take when they will be retiring, for instance, they explain the kind of house, the kind of education for the children and the business which can be started. Relationship and family goals are the goals which revolve around getting a future spouse, how to live with the family members comfortable and the extent of the relationship between the family members will be like. Pleasure goals revolve around the aspects of the personal entertainment and lifestyle. Pleasure goals tend to explain how an individual will use his funds in future for entertainment and other pleasurable activities. Self development and spiritual goals are those goals which are meant to establish the future of an individual in terms of the spiritual and personal development. Social goals are those goals that people consider to be of great benefit to the society rather than for personal benefits.

The importance of coming up with goals is varied. Social goals for instance tend to explain how an individual will create an impact on the society, a phenomenon which indicates that the society is of great importance more than anything else. Spiritual goals are importance because they define the norms and behaviors that people ought to have in the society. These goals tends to describe the order of people and makes individual shun away from acts such as crime and theft. Relationship and family goals are of great importance because they define the extent to which an individual relates with his fellow partner or with the other members of the family. This aspect is very critical because an individual needs others so as to live harmoniously. By establishing the goals, an individual is able to create a point of achievement, the limits he has in his life and the actions that he intends to take. This is crucial in the life of every individual because it determines a life that is well lived.


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