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To start with, anxiety can be described as a horrible disturbing state whose cause cannot be identified easily or thought to be unmanageable and inevitable. In connection with this, anxiety disorders include both fears and anxieties whereby fear can be defined as an expressive and physiological reaction to a known exterior danger. Historically, Anxiety disorders have subsisted since time immemorial. Therefore, anxiety disorder is not a vocabulary to mankind. Nevertheless, human anxiety definitely appears to be the most complicated as well as the most significant to people (First & Tasman, 2009).

At first, anxiety disorders were perceived as spiritual rather than turmoil. However, the treatments given to anxiety disorders in the past are similar in some extent with the approaches being used today. In the past, ordinary substances were used as a corrective measure to anxiety disorders and even the contemporary world these natural substances are still being used. In essence, the modern elucidation of anxiety disorders has its roots in the past and nothing seems new at all even though they have gone through many revolutions with time. Actually, apprehension and anxiety disorders have contributed a great deal in the history of mankind. In line with this, the significance and importance of anxiety disorders in human history have been famous especially in hazardous times



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Notably, anxiety is familiar to all people and it comes as a result of worrying about something that can make one freak. For example, an exam, kinship issues and even pressure in the job place. It is normal to be anxious and to tense over something; this is because the body has to respond naturally to dangerous situations hence making the nerves respond automatically when one is threatened (Franklin, Harris & Allen-Meares , 2006). Even though anxiousness may not be an enjoyable feeling it’s not always awful. Actually, anxiety can make one meat deadlines because one remains focused and motivated to solve the problems at hand

Following this point, anxiety can therefore be termed as a disorder when it starts interfering with the day to day activities of an individual. Anxiety disorders differ from one person to another whereby some people tense just with a thought of meeting a stranger and another is always in a condition of fear and tension. Besides this difference, anxiety disorders hold one thing in common and that is constant fear where a good number of people can sense danger (Foa & Andrews, 2006).

From a narrower view, there are both physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety disorders. Emotional symptoms include bad temper, agitation, expecting of the worst, unable to concentrate as well as feeling stressed and frightened. Surprisingly, anxiety is not just an emotion. However, it also involves physical symptoms which come as a result of a flight reaction. In this connection, physical characteristics of a person suffering from anxiety disorder includes muscle tension, faintness, deadness, dry mouth, headaches, shiver and twitches, sweating as well as high rate of heart beats. At this point, it is vital to note that anxiety disorder and depression are related because it is believed that each worsens the other. Conversely, not all people who worry are suffering from anxiety disorders. This is because; one can be anxious due to lack of enough sleep or exercise, tight schedules or even pressure from the environment.

Fortunately, when this anxiety disorders are recognized they can be rectified. Notably, anxiety disorders react well to curative measures at times quicker than expected. To be specific, the treatment given to a person suffering from anxiety disorder depends on the kind of the disorder one is suffering from (Foa & Andrews, 2006). However, most disorders are treated with behavioral psychoanalysis, medication or both. In the modern world, more research has revealed a number of profitable corresponding actions for anxiety.

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Among the many types of anxiety disorders are separation anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and phobias.

Separation anxiety disorder is described as a psychological stipulation whereby an individual experiences restlessness as result of being separated from people whom the individual is so much attached to. This can be parents, relatives or even close friends whom an individual has grown so close to such an extent that taking them away will affect the individual mentally. So to speak, separation anxiety disorder can so severe to an extend of interfering with the day to day activities of an individual.

Outstandingly, separation anxiety is experienced in all ages be it children, teenagers or adults. However, this kind of disorder is common in children especially when separating them with their parents or main caregivers. Nevertheless, children experiencing separation anxiety disorder shows signs of distress even though it is a normal phase of development which tends to disappear when the child reaches the toddler stage (Franklin, Harris & Allen-Meares , 2006). In line with this, separation anxiety disorder can easily be recognized in schools where children are away from their parents or relatives. In connection with this, this disorder is also common among young adolescents.

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Consequently, children with separation anxiety disorder also suffer from other psychiatric disorders. However, separation anxiety is characterized by fear of losing a loved one whereby an individual may think that the separation may make him/her to lose that person forever. Secondly, when a child is separated from loved ones, the kind of fears that something bad may happen to them get them. Actually, a child with this disorder will keep on imagining that their loved one can be caught in a tragedy and something bad may happen to them ( Franklin, Harris. M & Allen-Meares , 2006)

Another significant symptom of separation anxiety disorder is nightmares. As a result of constant fear one can experience terrible dreams at night which may bring a lot of discomfort. Apart from this, one may display symptoms of denial and illness. These denials may include unwillingness to sleep, reluctant in going to school as well as complaining of headaches and other sicknesses (Farrell ,2008). A child with this disorder may also refuse to let go of the parent any time he/she thinks that they are going away.

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Additionally, separation anxiety disorder is caused by pressure, major changes in the environs as well as parents who are over defensive. This type of anxiety is also hereditary. Even though, separation anxiety disorder is dangerous the situation can be remedied. This problem can be dealt with both psychologically and biologically. Psychologically, individual and group psychotherapy is highly recommended. This enables an individual to stop self blame as well as providing an environment where one can talk with other people and develop better social skills. Other remedies include guidance and counseling in school and from parents, cognitive behavior therapy can also be of great help (Farrell, 2008). Biologically, individuals can be subjected to medicines which are used to treat such disorders. In the past, natural treatments were mostly used which included good sleep, regular exercise and use of herbs.

Secondly, it is the generalized anxiety which is described as extreme, unmanageable and excessive fret concerning the day to day activities which are inconsistent to the real problem. As a result of this, individuals’ daily activities are interfered with because the individual is in a state of calamity expectancy. Apart from this, an individual seems to be excessively concerned with issues like family problems, tension in the work place, money and even their own health status. In addition to this, the individual’s worries are exceptionally hurtful and nerve-racking whereby one thinks of all kinds of things but tend to anticipate the most horrible. Generalized anxiety is found in both children and adults.

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Consistently, it is caused by a stressful life though it can also be inherited. The symptoms of this anxiety disorder are both physical and psychological. Physically, an individual experiences stomach problems like diarrhea, muscle strain, inability to sleep, agitation, restiveness and instability. On the other hand, psychological symptoms include petulance, helplessness, and lack of concentration, uncontrollable worried feelings and dismay. Besides this, generalized anxiety among children comes as a result of past mistakes, societal inacceptance, inabilities and failures. These issues therefore make children to worry so much as they think of what can possibly be wrong. Surprisingly, children may never realize that they are worrying excessively unless someone elderly can be in a position to recognize. In addition to this, children tend to be perfectionists, need recurrent support and endorsement as well as having a certainty that disaster is infectious and can occur to them any time.

Fortunately, those suffering from this disorder can be helped to come back to normalcy. Interestingly, there are many things one can do so as to feel better. Actually, in some generalized anxiety disorder patients self-oriented strategies are in a position to do away with the disorder. These self help activities include, acceptance of vagueness, eating a balanced diet, exercise regularly as well as planning to rest. Apart from this, those suffering from this disorder should learn how to comfort themselves so as to reduce tension. In essence, one can as well use sensory based activities which will highly involve his/her sight, taste, smell and touch. In connection with this, one can have a walk in a flower garden; take pleasure in resonance of nature or taking a delicious meal and enjoying every bite of it.

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Remarkably, an individual suffering from generalized anxiety disorder can as well access other curative measures which include generalized anxiety disorder therapy and medication. Following this, generalized anxiety disorder therapy includes five mechanisms which must be followed carefully. These are education, monitoring, physical and cognitive control strategies and behavioral strategies. Medically, there are only three major medications prescribed to a person suffering from this disorder and these are antidepressants, buspirone and benzodiazepines. In the past a good lifestyle which involved good nutrition exercise and enough rest was used to remedy generalized anxiety disorder.

Finally, phobia is described as an extreme and constant fear of specific situations, people, actions and animals which does not fade way. The key sign of this disorder is surfeit and irrational wish to avoid frightening situations. Actually, phobia is an ordinary form of anxiety disorder which is caused by unbiased, unreserved and reserved motivations which stimulates either reserved or unreserved reactions. To be specific, phobias arise when terror formed by a terrify situation is conveyed to other related conditions (Maj etal, 2004). Moreover, Phobias are common in women of all ages and it is also rampant in men above 25 years. More to this point, phobias are only diagnosed at a severe condition. In the same line of thought, phobias are caused by a record of previous events which appeared deadly or dreadful.

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Therefore, anytime a similar situation occurs or one that is almost like that then the body responds as if the event is recurring. For example, fear of heights may be as a result of a past experience where one almost fell. As a result of this, one will by all means try to avoid any situation which may expose him or her in a similar situation. In this context, phobias are of different categories which include social phobia, specific phobia and Agoraphobia ( Maj etal, 2004). From this perspective, social phobia is the fear of public speaking or even mingling with strangers in social setups. On the other hand, agoraphobia is fear of meticulous items or situations.

Needless to say, treatment of phobia differs from one person to another. Some of these treatments include systematic desensitization therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization and hypnotherapy. In consistent with this, cognitive behavioral therapy allows the patient to comprehend the cycle of harmful thoughts outlines. On the other hand, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing treats mainly post traumatic stress disorder and it is actually supportive in reduction of phobic symptoms e.g. fear of cows. Apart from this, emotional freedom is also of great help to a phobic patient.

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Above and beyond, there many types of anxiety disorders and among them are separation anxiety disorder, generalized disorder and phobia. In connection with this, separation anxiety disorder is a psychological stipulation whereby an individual experiences restlessness as a result of being separated from people whom the individual is so much attached to. Notably, this disorder is rampant in children and young adolescents. Even though the latter is hereditary it is also caused by pressure, major changes in the environs as well as parents who are over defensive.

On the other hand, generalized anxiety behavior is defined as extreme, unmanageable and excessive fret concerning the day to day activities which are inconsistent to the real problem. However, these disorders can be treated either by self help activities or medically. Lastly it is phobia which is described as an extreme and constant fear of specific situations, people, actions and animals which does not fade away. In the same line of thought, Phobic symptoms are rampant among women and are also found in men above 25 years. Curative measures of phobia include systematic desensitization therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization and hypnotherapy. Apart from this, emotional freedom is also of great help to a phobic patient.


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