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Martin Luther king is the person who I take has one of the best leaders in the global scale.

This was one of the world’s best renowned leaders for various reasons. Initially he did speak openly as the first black American on the why the whites did perceive the black race. He sounded and was optimistic of the likely changes in the why people perceived the American citizens with a black skin and the changes would result to equal chances for both the white race and the black American citizens. It took good leadership for one to stand on the dais and talk of his dreams.

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Secondly, he fought with racism for the longest time ever in American history and never looked back. Good leaders do not surrender unless they get what they were intending to achieve as the only motive. This is what Martin Luther did and until he met his death, he was still in the battlefield trying to gamble with racism and segregation of the American citizens based on their racial backgrounds.

Uniting the races of the world to make them one was also an achievement for Martin Luther that makes I consider him as a good leader. Many other leaders are centered in their senator confines for instance but he decided to unite the world as one other that the division that existed between the ones with a black skin and the white skinned people.

The American president Barrack Obama public speaking style is one in the history of world leadership. He is able to play with words, capture the attention of his audience, and even make the listeners to run emotional at his benefit. His speeches are wrapped in skills and ability to convince and apply a pause when it is critical for the audience to cheer and get into the situations that he is addressing. His style is unique and productive as well as outstanding in deliverance of the intentions.


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