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Welcome and introduction

  • Greet the participants
  • The presenter introduces him/herself and the trainees also do the same. The participants give their name, department and their expectations concerning the training. This will ensure that the participants are comfortable and they can freely share.
  • Capture the whereabouts of items like clock rooms and rest rooms and the times for break.


The participants will be requisite to demonstrate, through one by one presentation on how they on daily basis approach there customers and the ways they apply in the customer service. The trainees will be required to act as if they are talking to a customer in the stall who is purchasing a commodity and seeks some assistance. This will enhance the way they present themselves before the customers so as to increase the efficiency and the cooperation which is expected from them.

Material to cover

  • Customer service in relation to organizations goals and objectives
  • Importance of a good customer service to an organization.
  • Ways of improving the customer service within an organization.
  • The role of each employee as far as customer care is concern.

Time frame

Each of the above material will be handle separately as one hour modules. Each module will comprise of a warm up, a presentation or lectures, an activity and lastly a debriefing plus a short break: the content of each are discussed below;



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Warm up

After the introduction, the participants will have a five minutes time for exercise so as to get them to think over the topic to be discussed. In this case, the presenter will prefer to ask a question concerning service.

Presentation or Lecture

The presenter will have a thirty minute time for presentation. The presenter will give a full content concerning each of the above material. In the process of lecture the presenter will ensure that the participants have some time of writing down some few notes. The presenter will at some point illustrate on a white board the key points in each area.


After the lecture the participants will have a twenty minutes time to exercise or practice what they have learned during the lecture time. The participants will be required to form and join a particular group where they are required to complete a task. In this case, the task will be for each member of the group to share his or her experiences in the job place and how the material he or she have learned will help change his or her usual way of doing the job. This will give them the opportunity to role play exactly in the same way that the presenter has just taught them. This is useful to be executed.


Immediately after the twenty minutes activity time the groups are called back so that they can have a short overall discussion of what the whole activity entailed. It will also form part of time for asking short questions and reactions from participants. This will only take five minutes.


Between each module, the participants will have a five minute break. This will enable them to be more attentive in the following materials.


At the end of the training a short evaluation is carried out to establish whether the training was of any value. This part should be short only a few essential questions are asked;

  • Did the training meet your expectation?
  • Was there anything you expected to learn but you didn’t?
  • Is there anything that we learned which is most helpful?
  • Find out if there is any comment about what the participants have learned.


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