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Leadership:I have served in the capacity of a leader while at college. I was elected to the post of student leader while at college in Singapore. As a student leader, I had many responsibilities and opportunities of organizing student activities in college. I had the opportunity to organize school events such a sports day, college day, parents’ day and academic conferences for students.  Despite my abilities as leader, I had to balance the two tasks of leadership and academics. However, I viewed it as an honor to serve as a student leader in a big academic institution.

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Athletics:While at Singapore College, I was provided with a holistic education. Apart from the academic qualification, I had the opportunity to join in co-curricular activities. This enabled me to participate in my favorite sport, Badminton. Participating in badminton enabled me to win a silver ward in interclass competition.

Community Services:I involve myself in various community services. Together with my friends, we visit old folks homes, participate in recycling wastes, collecting newspapers and unwanted clothes and other materials from homes and donating them to the needy in the society. We also participate in collecting money for the Red Cross so that it can continue helping the needy in the society.

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Family Likes - Travelling:My family likes travelling. Every year, My dad usually leads us out travelling to various places that are different for adventure and experience on new places and people. Through such adventures, travelling has become an important activity for my life. I find fun in travelling to new places trying to learn more about new things in new places. I like adventure travel so much that every year, I must tour some place just for adventure.


  • Was awarded an award as the best student leader with outstanding performance in Singapore College
  • Was awarded silver award in interclass competition for my participation in badminton.

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