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The difference between indentured and slaves has been indistinct due to the changes that took place during certain period of time. Therefore, their respective attributes seem diverse. Slavery seems more piteous than indentured servitude; this is because indentured servants are given liberty after several years of hard-work while slaves are in slavery for the rest of their lives being a master’s property with no rights. Since there is an agreed terms of labour stating that the indentured servants work for a reward of getting foreign land, and services can be done in exchange of clothing, transportation, lodging, food plus other amenities in the years of indenture, servitude is like a business arrangement (Hine et al, 2000).

Just like property, slaves are sold, bargained for, exchanged or declared to be an asset. On the contrary, indentured it is a contract of an indentured servant that can be bargained or bought by a third party; only after the agreed terms are executed, the right to exchange the servant becomes operative. The slaves are entirely enslaved while the servants get a chance to be free members of the society after they complete their services and get the right to own properties or real estate. They can even get other jobs rather than just being servants (Hine et al, 2000).

The slaves were always the black bought from Africa while indentured servants were the white who worked under a business agreement for between 4 to 10 years. Indentured servants were educated working as servants while slaves were not (Darlene et al, 2011).

Slavery was a preferred method of labour, because the slaves were master’s properties. They could work for their masters for the rest of their lives without payment or any kind of rights. Both slaves and indentured servants are servants who work in farms as manual workers while others work in homes providing domestic services, do not own the result of their work, and have no right to change their masters. Both slaves and indentured servants were considered as property of the owner or master before the American Civil War (Darlene et al, 2011).


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