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The Seljukid Empire belongs to the Iranians. The dynasty of Seljukid derives its name from Seljuk, who is said to be one of the first members, who have become a Muslim. After his conversion, others were also converted to Islamism. After the death of Seljuk, other family members were converted to Islamism. Isra’il, Chaghri-beg, and Tuhgril-beg became the cheifs. The last two were Mikha’il’s sons. Due to some fighting, Mikha’il’s sons had sought refuge from Karakhanid. They are reported to have come together in the year 1025 in the service of one named Ali-Tegin, who was a Karakhanid of the Bukhara, who was defeated by the Mahmud of Ghazna. This defeat forced Isra’il to move to Khorasan with his men. It was the same place, where Mahmud wanted him to move to. Being there, he would be of great service for them, and the place was also far from the reach of Ali-Tegin. The other chiefs moved to Khwarizm. After that, two groups formed the Seljukids’ dynasty history. However, not many people are able to differentiate them. Isra’il’s group is said to have brought a lot of problems to Mahmud, who later drove them out in 1029. They escaped to Azerbaijan, where they were employed for raids. The other group of Chaghri and Tuhgril took the territory of the central Khorasan by force, after people had denied surrendering peacefully. The conquests continued to other empires, and finally the Turks established their supremacy under the chiefs and later their sons. This can be said to be the start of the new Turkish Empire through the conquests of the three chiefs.

The migrations cannot be analyzed in their numbers as the actual numbers cannot be revealed. They always moved with their animals, wives, children, carrying their culture everywhere with. The region occupied by the new Turkish Empire largely was Azerbaijan. The Azeri dialect still is spoken in Azerbaijan up to now. The modern population of Turks is said to suffer inferiority complex from the fact, that their ancestors were nomads. They are said to have attacked cultivated lands, making them to be referred to as destructive, uncivilized and negative elements. Accordingly, the Seljukid Empire owes its original strength to the Turcoman. However, they soon lost their values to those of the areas they conquered. The reason is that the areas they conquered were mainly old Muslim countries that had strong administrative and military organizations, which they later acquired. Thus the new Turkish empire is inclusive of the pre-existing ideals entrenched into the framework of Turkish organization.

The Seljukid period has been said to have brought about the neo-Persian language. The new Muslim Turkish literature was born in the central Asia among the Karakhanids, who did not have much contact with the Iranians. In this time, learning Arabic became banned probably, because the Turkish aristocracy spoke Persian language but not Arabic.


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