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Free «Comparative Race and Ethnicity in the U.S» Essay Sample

What is ethnicity? This is a question that many always ask but do not care to get the answer. However, it is a category in the society that has emerged as a result of slavery and oppressive eras in history (Duster, 2009; Cosmides, Tooby & Kurzban, 2003).

In the USA racism and ethnicity have been a stumbling rock for decades now. Martin Luther King, Jr fought for the racial equality and finally died for it. However, the election of President Barack Obama has proved the fact that racism still exists in the USA.

In the modern world, there is a variety of races. The most antagonistic ones in the USA are blacks and whites. In most cases whites believe that blacks are naturally violent and any enactment in the sphere of economic policy can result in mixed reactions. It is natural that the American economy is under Obama’s leadership. As the President of the USA, he has been involved in a number of bailout packages in the last few decades. This has caused some discontent in state houses.



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Today in the USA society blacks are seen as those who spend more on fashionable clothes, jewels and flashy cars. Their kind of depending is one that can be called conspicuous because they are meant to uplift the status of the spender in the eyes of the society. This is a phenomenon that has been condemned by even some of the successful black Americans like the legendary comedian Bill Cosby. According to the economist Thorstein Veblen, this kind of spending is meant to display one status in the society. It is a signal of success and wealth as well. This, however, has been made worse by the race in order to keep up with the whites or even outshine them.

The big question here is whether this kind of spending is of any significance to them or it is rather enslaving, as some have claimed. This expenditure pattern, in my point of view, is a useful tool to drive out racism of the USA and other countries. It has helped to show the world that the black race is not just made up of wrecked youth doing drugs in gangs. Some have risen above these obstacles to become successful and should be celebrated.

There are various forms of ethnicity and racism that have been brought forward. One of them is known as ‘race as a social category’. According to this category, humans differ in terms of wealth, the degree of contact with harmful substances in their surroundings and access to quality health care. These are the factors that lead to differences in the health status of people depending on where they reside. According to Krieger (2000), the differences arising from racial segregation can be described as the biological expressions of race relations. An example can be the America’s African Americans who are said to have greater mortality rates than the rest races. For this the differences in social classes can account.

The formation of classes occurs in terms of educational achievements, wealth and, in many cases, color. These categories make people of lower academic achievements group together in separate neighborhoods. Probably the reason for this is the fact that people with similar academic qualifications tend to get similar paying jobs and thus similar economic classes. This can only mean that they cluster in certain neighborhoods. It is also said that blacks in the USA tend to attend schools with poor education standards. Their academic achievements are thus poor and it can be the reason they hang out in dangerous neighborhoods characterized where violence and drugs is a norm. Many people view them as social misfits, that is why they are looked at with suspicion.

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As a conclusion, I think that there is still a lot that needs to be done to avoid negative ethnicity. That is why, in my opinion, the government and the non-governmental organizations need to sensitize people on the negative aspects of ethnicity in forms of class grouping and gender segregation.


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