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Free «Spanish Movies» Essay Sample

There is no doubt that Spanish movies are easily identified through their unique manner of describing violence, sexuality and human nature.  Their directors are constantly adapting to changes among the audience due to the diversity of the countries in which Spanish is spoken.  Such movies are not only produced in Spain but in other countries such as Venezuela, Mexico, Columbia and Argentina.  The main objective of this paper is to discuss three Spanish movies and the lessons learned concerning their culture.


Tango was released in 1998 by Carlos Saura, the writer and director. The cast consist of Juan Carlos, Cecilia Narova and Miguel Angela Sola among others. The film is written in Spanish but with English subtitles and, as the name suggests, it is all about dance and performance in Argentina during the military regime. Even though the movie has scenes of the typical stories of love and jealousy, its central theme is music and dance.

The lesson learnt from this movie concerns the Argentina’s culture; it is shown how they value music and dance, especially the tango style.  The fact that Argentines are fond of dance is proved by Mario Suarez (Miguel Angel Sola), who directs tango performances throughout the movie. Almost all the characters “dance and dream dancing tango on stage, in schools and in clubs” (Saura). It is, therefore, apparent that Argentines value tango and love this dance very much.



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Like Water for Chocolate

The movie was released in 1993 by Alfonso Arau who is its producer and director. Like Water for Chocolate ismovie written in Spanish with English subtitles. The cast includes Lumi Cavazos, Yareli Arizmendi, Regina Tome and Marco Leonardi. The movie largely talks about food and passion.  

The setting of the movie is Mexico, in early 20th century. Even though the plot of the movie is about love, one can learn a lot about the culture of the Mexicans, for example, about their love to delicious and spicy food. Some Mexicans also value magic and this fact is also evident in this movie.  Almost every Mexican, according to this movie, has a live which revolves around a woman in the kitchen. The Mexican food is considered magical as it can make one to run naked, cry or even laugh (Arau).

Y Tu Mama Tambien

The movie was released in 2001, directed and written by Alfonso Cuaron. Y Tu Mama Tambien stars Maribel Verdu, Ana Lopez and Gael Garcia Bernal. It talks about two teenage boys and a woman who are set on a cultural road trip across Mexico. After watching this movie one can find out a lot about Mexican culture, including their attitude to love and friendship, sex and good life. The movie represents the real life of young Hispanic men and their mindset about women is clearly evident from the movie.


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