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Without any doubt, in the 21st century society was transferred into the new era in which professional collaboration plays a significant role. In the modern world, the role of teamwork has significantly increased. According to the definition, teamwork is a vital opportunity that helps to cooperate with other people in order to achieve a common aim and to direct human accomplishments toward organizational objectives (Fisher, 2000). Metaphorically, teamwork can be compared with the fuel that allows uncommon people to achieve common results. It is needless to say that effective teamwork always gives good results; either it is profit or non-material good. The field of teamwork is broad; it can be explicated by the active communication between people in different spheres of everyday life. For instance, effective teamwork can be seen in football, business, hospital, or education. However, successful teamwork demands professional attitude, responsibility, and high-qualification. Undoubtedly, effective cooperation does not occur automatically, it takes a lot of time, compromise, effort, and hard work.

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There are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration in the process of establishing effective and successful teamwork. First of all, it is leadership. The organization of common goals is vital feature of the subordination of personal prominence to the effectiveness of the whole group. The position of leader plays a significant role, while he/she should possess the necessary knowledge in order to create and to determine a positive working surrounding, motivation, and inspiration for the team members. Moreover, the professional team leader will encourage a high level of morale, spirituality, responsibility, and persistence between him/her and employees. Therefore, in this case, the workers will feel support and value of their accomplished work.

The second factor is communication. Communication is a vital feature in teamwork that helps to establish productive interaction between humans. Indisputably, in effective teamwork the most important is equality, while team members should freely express their feelings, personal points of view, plans, goals, and ideas. According to Dietrich and Kateri (2004), the most vital features in teamwork are:

  • Create roles: without any doubt, it is very vital for team members to understand what their role in the team is, for what he/she is responsible. The leader needs to perform the task, direct team to carry out the instructions, and to perceive the uniqueness of each individual between other team members.
  • Resolving conflicts: unfortunately, conflicts will occur no matter how well the team operates. The best way to solve the conflict is to apply new structured methods of resolving conflicts. Therefore, team members should be able to express their views without fear of insulting others. Instead of avoiding conflict situations, the team member should clearly understand what has influenced the certain conflict, and decide the possible ways of solving the problems. Furthermore, it is advisable to discuss with the team leader about the conflict without a fear of getting any punishment or salary-cuts. Consequently, it will help to look over through the primary goals and to attain team worker’s objects.
  • Team work role models: the team leader should be a good example of professional collaboration. Additionally, the leader should in a different manner motivate the team members by applying various models of encouragement. However, the effectiveness of the team leader depends on the team members. Thus, it is highly recommended to support the team leader.

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