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Good presentation is one of the vital elements of your future success. This is the way to present not only a chosen topic, but your abilities, cleverness and wittiness. Dale Carnegie once said “There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.” Therefore, there are some basic tips how to unite all three presentations into a successful one and get the best feedback.

First, presenter should know in advance a type of the audience. Ways of presenting and words chosen for the speech play a great role. If a speaker knows this information, it will be easier to sort out the raw material, and develop a sensible speech.

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Second, first impression always matters. Indisputably, if you see a clumsy, untidy person, it will produce a wrong impression. All employers look for confident and neat workers and all professors will give you the highest grade if you meet these requirements. Therefore, if a person wants to escape the failure of his or her presentation, it is the chance to attract the audience attention at least with the help of charm.

Third, eye contact has always been the key element of a successful presentation. Usually presenters forget one important thing that listeners are in front of them, not on the ceiling, in the corner or window. The same line of conduct one may find among animals; if you look aside, an animal can attack or feel your fear and discomfort. Without a doubt, the audience will not attack, but perceive this situation in the same way.

Presentation is the time to reveal the essence of your skills and talent, the ability to show what you are capable of. Many people do want to get the right impression and efficiently get the message across, but under particular circumstances fail to adhere to some basic rules about the line of behavior. Only if a speaker meticulously plans everything as well as stick to the basic tips, will they give a successful presentation.


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