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The authors state that the Tea party movement is remarkable as a result of two basic factors. One of these factors is that it largely focuses on the Astroturf form of campaign in its operations. As reflected the party cannot be termed as a grass root party since it is usually funded as well as founded by elite interest. For instance, the components portrayed by the campaign reflect a movement that does not care about the organization of people through the grassroots (Fein-Philips, 3). It is wise to state that despite the efforts being placed by the parties coming together to fund the party, the always have a particular interest at heart.

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Those who advocate for the party’s policies through funding have a common agenda of nourishing the same principles they purport to be fighting against. Furthermore, statistics illustrate that the Tea party is a movement that receives the funding from big businesses as well as billionaires who seem to be passionate and well meaning people. The authors state that the Tea Party was a movement meant to accelerate the flow of income, wealth and power while at the same time using the public mood of grass root monopoly, which is not the case, t uplift this agenda. It is therefore true that they aim at restoring what they have lost through global recession and hard economic times.

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In declaring it a non-liberal corporate sponsor, the authors state that the financers of the movement draw their motivation on income and wealth inequality. As a result of the extended period of time that witnessed the top income groups having to encounter a falling of income shares, they in turn devised a party that could have propelled their interest in the face of advocating for the low income earner. The top guns that are involved in the party are known to have an orientation of wanting to pay less tax, as well as keeping more profits. This can only be achieved by advancing their interest through a party, which in this case is the Tea Party (Zernike, 45). On the other hand, they view this as a way of being restrained from less regulation.

There has been supporting evidence that the Tea Party is a congregation of individuals who are opposed to the tax system and they propel an agenda for their interest which involves being exempted from paying taxes. A good example worth mentioning is the influence of Kochh industry. The tycoons behind this party are noticed as wanting to away with the Federal Reserve System in the United States. This can be seen as not bothered with the state of financial panics as well as the global recession that have been witnessed in the recent past (Zernike, 69). The Tea Party is opposed to the fashioning of the elastic currency and is not interested by ways by the government to rediscount the commercial paper. The Tea Party has also formed policies that aim at ending the Fiat money.

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The influence of the Koch industry has also influenced the party into not being concerned with national policies that includes the environmental laws among others. These have been seen by their initiative to spend lavishly on several advocacy groups. They in turn hope to get an acknowledgement from the funds they keep dishing out. It can therefore be concluded, according to the authors, that the Tea Party is a fake grassroots movement and is never a concerned party with the interest of the citizens at heart (Fein-Philips, 56). The party is based on the interest of few tycoons who will do anything to propel their interest which includes opposing several laws and regulations.

Buy The View of the Tea Party as an Astroturf essay paper online

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