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Free «Luxury Sport Cars» Essay Sample

Luxury sports cars are fancy, classy cars which are mainly preferred by a certain group of customers. In actual sense most luxury sport cars are mainly for indulgence rather than a necessity. They are usually excessively expensive evidenced by their sumptuous living. Luxury sports cars are ranked in various categories. There are coupes and convertibles. A coup is a car with a luggage chamber and two doors and front seats. Convertibles involve cars which are cars with tops that can be removed or folded. The factors for rankings include; performance, exterior looks, interior looks, safety and reliability. Most luxury sports cars are elegant. They have a reduced weight, user friendly and are top performers. This paper seeks to analyze how luxury cars often uses social media strategies to market their various brands. In addition it will further explore the various communication strategies that this companies use to make their advertisement effective.

As an industry, companies manufacturing luxury sport cars have continued to expand both in production and in marketing in order to meet the growing market demand. And due to the expensive nature and demand for the cars, their target market still remains to be young and rich people (Jobber & Fahy, 2006). There are various marketing Medias that the companies use, my paper will specifically examine how social media strategy is been effectively utilized as a marketing tool. This is because with the increased internet use, especially amongst the youth, the industry is able to effectively market their brands through social media networks like Facebook and twitter. Companies like Aston Martin, Bugatti, Ferrari and others mainly upload the images of their latest models in these social media networks, since the site registers huge traffic of users daily.  



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Majority of luxury sport car company websites are liked to these social media networks such as Facebook and twitter and they have an option of “like” and “share” where members can pass the information to a group of friends in these social networks (Leggatt, 2008). This makes it an effective marketing tool as it is easy to convey information from one person to the other. There is also a tag option where the boomers, focus groups and forums can transfer images and views to their fellow members with a lot of ease. The media also allows live chats amongst online community and the marketers. It is an absolute productive mode of communication between the luxury sport car lovers.

In actual sense Facebook and other social networking sites have proved to be an effective means of advertising the sports cars. This is typically done by uploading and tagging of photos of these classic sports cars to friends and affiliates. In turn their friends likewise tag their friends with the same photos and the trend continues. The photos are distributed within many people in a very short of time. And since the social network contains friends of similar age group, tastes and preferences, it becomes very easy to market such brands to them. The social networking has proved to be the cheapest form of marketing commodities.

The interconnection of social media networks like Facebook and twitter also make it possible to tag the same image to a friend in either site and thus effectively spread information with a lot of easy to the entire target group. A member in twitter is able to tag and share an image to a friend on Facebook, despite of him or her being a member his social network. And considering that these social media networks are mostly used by the young generation, companies manufacturing luxury sport cars are able to set out an effective marketing strategy for their brands (Solomon, Bamossy & Askegaard, 2002). The media contains the target group members and hence it is the perfect marketing strategy to use in order to reach out to them (Thomson & Strickland, 1999). With the social media strategy, the marketers are able to reach out to all the potential customers all over the world.

The social media advertisement uses the Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) as it enables the marketers to specifically focus on the young generation from all over the world (Mindtools.com, n.d). And since the major communication strategy is by use of images and reviews, like many other Medias, the site has a potential for miscommunication. People who dislike such brands may initiate negative opinions like quality implications and price exaggerations to the rest of the members. However, this does not discredit internet as the most convenient and effective advertisement means. This is because; the media enables the luxury sport car marketers to specifically target their potential customers without incurring more in terms of costs. By them joining those social media networks, they are able to undertake their advertisement free of charge. They are also able to maintain effective communications with their existing clients and thus encourage loyalty (Hofmeyr & Parton, 2006).

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Luxury sport cars are exclusively for the lovers of cars who want a different experience in design, power and performance. They are mainly intended for the wealthy young class of people. However, the manufacturing companies should consider making other affordable brands in order to effectively target all the young generation regardless of their social status.


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