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The occurrence of obesity, as well as diseases caused by obesity, has increased tremendously fast in America since 1970. This high number of obesity cases has due to the high number of fast food restaurants and low levels of active transportation, such as public transportation, walking and bicycling. Research shows that many people do few exercises after taking meals, and this has contributed to accumulation of excessive fats in the body that result to obesity (Crawford 2010). These exercises include walking and bicycling, which today people rarely practice. This is because most of the developed countries such as America, most people depend automobiles rather than active transportation such as walking, bicycling when travelling to work and school. This has been a significant determinant of the remarkable increases on the rates of obesity. Obesity has been a silent killer in America and; therefore, intensive efforts are necessary to help in the plight which is obesity. Obesity is a constant condition, of storing fats in excess, in the body. Although, body fat is vital for the efficient functioning of the body, too much of fat is dangerous.


It was noted that many people take this high caloric food and do less exercise such as walking, which has resulted increase of cases of obesity and diseases cause by obesity. According to research, physical activity produced by active transportation can be useful in weight control. Physical activities such as bicycling and walking can help one expend a considerable amounts of energy in a day. Additionally, use of public transportation such as buses, trains and subways help one engage in walking and cycling to and from the bus stop, which will help in weight control as well as other mental and physical health benefits. The purpose of this paper is to explore the problem of low level of active transportation such as walking, public transportation and bicycling, have caused the rise of obesity in America (Great Britain 2004). It will also explore the reasons why it has resulted to the rise of obesity cases.


The problem of less active transportation such as walking is common in America whereby many people depend on automobile transportation to travel to work and school (Hamid 2009). One reason for less active transportation among Americans is the busy life that many people have. Many people have more than one responsibility whereby one is a mother or a father, a student, and an employee and the same time. With all these responsibility, one has limited time in a day; therefore, is supposed to use it wisely so as to be able to carry all the responsibilities. To be able to use the limited time to carry out all the activities of the day, many people use automobile transportation, which saves more time than walking, bicycling and using public transportation such as buses. As a result, they are not able to exercise physically, an activity that helps expend significant amounts of energy. This helps in weight control as well as other mental and physical health benefits. With the less physical exercise, many people store excessive fats in the body, which leads to obesity, a condition that cause diseases that have killed many people (Jelalian & Steele 2008)..

The other reason for less active transportation among Americans is that use of personal car to travel in a family is cheap. This is because a family car can be used to carry the whole family when travelling to work as well as the kids when going to school. The parents are able to take the children to school as they go to work. With the high cost of living, many families look for cheaper ways of living, whereby they use the cheapest means of transport to work as well as the kid to school. Therefore, instead of paying the bus fare to school, the parents travel together with their children while they travel to school to save money used when travelling using buses. This has reduced the chances of many children and their parents to participate in activities such as walking in order to expend the energy obtained from the foods they take. As a result, many children and parents become obese since there is excess storage of fats in the body due to less exercise. This excessive accumulation of fats leads to other dangerous diseases such as diabetes, which has killed many Americans.

Consumption of fast food and energy drinks has contributed to the increase in obesity in the United States. Today, the numbers of obese persons are on the rise given the wide acceptance and trust that many people on fast foods. Because this cause,of obesity, it is vital to come up with a strategy that will allow consumers to avoid too much of fast foods. With the number of obese America soaring, reducing the number of advertisement that draw consumers into fast food is critical. Indeed, fast food restaurants have succeeded in making many people believe that fast foods are the best foods for them. As a result, many people end up consuming many fast foods because of the advertisement campaigns that these companies run in the media. As a solution, to this problem, reducing the number of exaggerated add on fast foods can be reduced. This is a better solution that will produce effective results than the other solutions that people have employed to reduce obesity in the United States. This is a better solution that can eliminate the number of people who spend time in fast food restaurant eating fast foods.

Unlike other solution such as awareness that people have adopted, reducing the number of ads o fast food from the media is likely to reduce the impact of fast food restaurants on the obesity level in the United States. Any stakeholder in the fight against Obesity has never proposed before this idea. Instead, many of them have mooted for the creation of awareness of the impact of obesity. Whereas this solution seems to be plausible, there is more credence in reducing what is pulling people—ads. Through media, fast food restaurants run convincing advertisements that make desire their food with a high amount of calories. With a reduction in these ads, there is a likelihood that many people will stop taking fast food because of little attraction towards them. Compared to other solutions, this strategy will also produce an awakening in the fast food restaurants to the reality of obesity with fast foods being a factor contributing continued increase of obesity among the American people.

There is no doubt lack of physical exercise has been a contributing factor to the increase of obese persons on the United States (Kopelman, Caterson, & Dietz, 2010). Physical exercise plays an important role in reducing the number of calories that people store in their bodies. With more people spending less time in physical activity, the danger of more people becoming obese is not a farfetched idea. As a solution, it will be of benefit if stakeholders introduce new programs in schools, where many students are obese. Never before have students being involved in such an elaborate program as this that will ensure that they take part in physical exercise in their schools at specified times. In addition, the program will also encompass adults also taking part in physical activity that are meant to make sure that they burn excess amount of calories as a strategy of reducing obesity. This unique solution can help the American reduce the number of obese persons that is continually on the rise. More specifically, the solution will put America at the forefront in the fight not only of obese, but also of other obesity related diseases.

This solution is poised to work as an answer to increased number of obesity because of some reasons. First, many people are likely to take this solution as a challenge. Indeed, many people know that exercises and other physical forms of activities are essential. However, instituting program to enforce these activities will produce a challenge to the people who are more likely to response positively. In addition, programs that enforce physical activities are in line with health programs that recommend body fitness as one of the chief means of enhancing wealth and wellness. Most important, this program is more effective in combating a rise in obesity cases because of its value. In this program, student and adult will be encouraged to walks and ride bicycles to school or places of work where possible. In so doing, these groups of people will of people are likely to recognize the value of exercise as a means of fighting obesity and therefore, reducing its rate of increase.

The solutions stand to success more than other solutions because of its design. It is common sense that sedentary life has overtaken many Americans especially where everything is easy and less demanding. Nonetheless, the introduction of programs above will open an opportunity for people to value physical exercise and work towards reducing their BMI index. As compared to other solutions, physical exercise will enable individuals realize other benefits such as improved body fitness (Kopelman, Caterson, & Dietz, 2010). Because of such possible fitness programs, Americans are more likely to cut down their amount of excessive fat that is making many American obese each turn of the day.

Overall, these solutions need a proper implementation strategy that will increase their chances of success. First, the right stakeholders should take part in dealing with various parts of programs to ensure that its implementation is achieved. For instance, the government can use some of its resources to develop the physical exercise programs as curriculum content in school, as well as fitness programs at the workplace. In school and other education institutions, educationalist will require that student carry out this form of physical fitness as part of their education process. This will ensure that student create ownership and at the same time reduce the need of more resources in sustaining this solution. On the other hand, welfare organization at places of work can help I ensure that workers take in physical activities. Whereas individuals will have to do this activity by sparing their time in schools and at work, they will earn many benefits. Further, the use of few resources to implement this solutions are a plus in the fight against obesity, which has demanded more from people who are obese. With the ability of this solution to reduce the number of obese people, obesity related diseases are likely to occur.

The planning for these solutions are also another essential factor in determines the success of the various solutions (Kelly, 2010). Various organizations such as CDC and health department must work with institutions to create structures that will handle the implementation of these solutions. This process will require that qualified stakeholders and interest groups take part in the process of identifying areas where they can implement the solutions as a pilot project before rolling them to other areas as well. During these times, the entire process will be monitored for responsiveness and whether milestones have been achieved. Corrective measures will then be implemented in case any of the solutions are off limits.


American ranks first with the highest number of obese cases compared to other nation across the globe. This situation has many implications considering the impact of obesity on various facet of life. With obesity being an epidemic, there is a need to carry out an effective implementation of the solutions that are likely to reverse the situation making obesity a thing of the past. With the soaring levels of obesity in America, the call for actions is urgent and decisive considering the negative impact of obesity.

Obesity is continually affecting people in various ways, leaving no on unaffected. While there are people who cannot secure work because of being overweight, some have lower esteem because of obesity. This is just but a glimpse of how challenging obesity is. In order for people, to face life and do they best to address its challenges, issue such as obesity must be looked into with stakeholders mooting for effective and sustainable solutions. As a result of these efforts, America will propel itself into a level where health complications like obesity are within the control.

Most important, a speedy response to the issue of obesity is necessary considering the negative impact. While the government and other stakeholder fail to take action in time, obesity is likely to increase and so will its consequences. Being that obesity is related to many social challenges like discrimination, and health of individuals, there is a dire need to address this epidemic. Due attention must be taken care when it comes to evaluation how fast the actions can be taken. With more time being spent because of inaction, there is no doubt many are spending money to treat obesity related complications or pay more insurance premium for being obese. Indeed, the impact of obese on American underscores every reason why actions must be taken within the shortest time possible. Ultimately, there is hope that obesity will no longer be bother to the American people.

In conclusion, it is evident that low levels of active transportation, such as public transportation, walking and bicycling have contributed to the rise of obesity in America. Dependency on automobiles has resulted to rise of obesity in America; therefore, it is the high time for Americans to engage in active transportation to reduce cases of obesity. Obesity is the main cause of the many serious diseases. It is time to take a serious stand by emphasizing on the importance of body fitness and exercises. It is time American citizens’ required immediate action to eliminate obesity in their country. Attitudinal transformation is a significant step towards eliminating cases of obesity in America. 


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