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Free «Trip to Turkey» Essay Sample

Turkey is a large country that is proud of its fascinating landscape, and many other natural features. Its land mass is surrounded by four seas. Due to its proximity to the four seas, Turkey has a lot of beautiful beaches that act as a tourist attraction. Apart from beaches, the country also boasts of its rich heritage in form of world's prehistoric monuments and a rich hospitable culture of the Turkish people (U. S Department of State, 2010). Just like any other tourism destination in the world, Turkey has a host of cultures, religions, language and mode of dressing. For a successful tour, one has to have some good knowledge of things mentioned above about Turkey.

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Turks have a rich culture with 70% of its population living in cities. Despite the fact that majority of the Turks live in the cities, they practice a traditional way of life (U. S Department of State, 2010). The most common traditional way of life for the Turks is pastoral farming. The major crops grown are sugar beets, olives, barley, and citrus among others. Trade and industry also makes up the culture of the Turkish people. The Turks trade in textile and apparel, steel, iron and petrol and its products.

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According to Gototurkey.co.uk (2011), Turkey as a country has been non spiritual, without any religion since 1924. Today, almost the whole of Turkey population practice Islam. Islam religion in Turkey is divided into Sunni, which has the biggest number of followers. Others are Alevi and Shiite Islam traditions which command a small number of followers. Apart from Islam, other religions are practiced in Turkey and they include Christianity, Bahai and Jewish. All of these other religions have a very small following in Turkey.

Additionally, Turkey is a multi language speaking nation. The languages that are spoken in Turkey include: Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Armenian and English. Turkish is the official language spoken in Turkey. English is the second most commonly used language in Turkey after the Turkish language. Therefore as a tourist you will find an easy time since menus and other important documents in restaurants and other tourist sites are in English.

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It is also necessary for a tourist to carefully observe the way he or she dresses while on a tour in Turkey. Being an Islam country, people including its visitors are expected to dress in accordance to the teachings and beliefs of the Islam. This is especially when going to the mosque. It is required that both men and women dresses decently. Shorts and short dresses are discouraged. Islam religion also dictates that both sexes should not expose their naked bodies. Shoulders and Arms are to be covered well when attending mosque (Gototurkey.co.uk, 2011).

U. S Department of State (2010) observes that though there are no strict regulations on how someone should dress out of mosque and anywhere else in town, common sense dictates that one should dress in a most decent and comfortable way possible. On the beach one is expected to dress in shorts, short dresses and sandals or bikini. These are most comfortable beach ware everywhere. However, it will be absurd to dress the same way in town either for shopping or for dinner.

In conclusion, Turkey has a lot to offer as a tourist destination. It is a country with rich times gone by with a great cultural diversity in terms of language, religions and mode of dressing. Its culture is a mixture of both the western and eastern cultures and this makes a suitable tourist destination for visitors from across the globe. Additionally, Turkey is also endowed with beautiful geographical features and a lot more heritage that have lasted for approximately a decade. Finally, Turkey is also considered the safest tourist destination in world. There anybody considering touring Turkey should feel safe.

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