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This essay will highlight the events of the recent terror attacks against the Norwegian civilians and government. It was a sequence of two attacks occurring on the same day. The first attach was a car bomb explosion in the city of Oslo. This bomb was placed in the vicinity of Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg’s office; making it a direct attack on the government. The explosion caused the death of eight people and left several others wounded. A second attack followed about two hours after the first attack in Tyrifjorden on an AUF organized summer camp. AUF is a division of the Labour Party (ruling party) of Norway. This attack resulted in the death of ninety-three people by a gunman, disguised as a police officer.

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The person held responsible for both these terrorist acts was a local Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik, who is a right-wing extremist. The police was able to catch the perpetrator and charge him with both attacks. The culprit is categorized as a conservative nationalist and was against the immigration of Muslim population into his country and revolted against the government by these attacks to demonstrate his dissatisfaction at the policies adopted the government, especially relating to immigration. Breivik admitted to the crime and was charged with ‘terrorism’. The trial for Breivik is expected to start sometime next year and he is put into a maximum security prison in the meanwhile.

Norway has always been a low crime zone. Although the attacks occurring on 22nd July, 2011 have not yet resulted in policies changes but analysts believe that government and police would reevaluate their strategies to make Norway a safe country again.

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