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The story selected is on the unrest in Egypt and the cruelty towards journalists, which features in both New York Times newspaper and Aljazeera. In Aljazeera, it discusses the chaos that has gripped Cairo with the journalists who are covering the story being the target of violence. Demonstrators who are in favor of Mubarak are intimidating them. It reports on how one of the American correspondents was murdered; struck on the head several times. Reporters have said that they have received confirmation on violence against both local and international journalists. The Egyptian government is employing tactics, which are geared towards eliminating the witnesses of this crime.

In New York Times, it also discusses at length on the unrest and the attack of journalists. It discusses on how the Egyptian government has broadened the crackdown on the rising unrests that has led to attack and arrest of journalists and other human rights activist in Cairo. Mubarak still has hopes of winning the support of frustrated citizens who are tired of the devastating economy and the numerous scenes of chaos in the streets. The strategy used by the authorities compares to the oldest tactics plowed by an authoritarian government, achieved by instilling fear on the foreigners.

United states have joined in criticizing these actions, through a speech from the secretary of the state. The committee on human rights has reported that it had one hundred journalists attacked by yesterday. Arabic channel reports that the government supports have stormed the Hilton hotel looking for journalists. Greek journalist was stubbed to death with a screwdriver and others beaten and, harassed. The police also raided the Mubarak Law centre, which is the headquarters for numerous humanitarian bodies and other organizations. The human rights workers were ambushed and told to lie on the floor and chips were removed from their phones.


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