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The society and enculturation process has continually perpetuated tendency to delegate women to be lesser beings in the society. Their roles as domestic caretakers and providers of love and care, needed in the society are seen to be working against today’s modern woman. Whenever a family member falls ill or is ageing and need constant attention, these women forgo their jobs to take care for these people. Since, the society seems to have accepted this role of women, should it not be the time they are paid the Social Security benefits they miss by leaving jobs to care for ageing in the society? This paper will present an argument examining political and ethical issues about this possibility.

Men are rarely seen to be taking the same initiative. People tend to think from the story of creation that women are to do all the domestic work. One crucial thing to note it is that today’s society is full of terminal illnesses, these women will leave jobs to care for these ill relatives or even ageing ones. When their time comes, they would have nothing to take care of themselves with. The money that they out to have been making was the forgone cost for this domestic calling. Even if they were to wait for their benefits, they would to receive any since the employers would not pay for benefits of people who quit work, labor laws do not accommodate this possibility. There are many ethical and political issues if this proposal of paying these women their benefits were to be implemented. Firstly, there will be many women claiming these benefits even those who never had jobs. It will be unethical to pay money to people who never worked. With the current economic crisis, it would mean crippling the economy by paying the women in society. Politically this will have of dimensions. It is agreeable that women are the mothers of the nations, but paying them all this money without working for it would generate some heated debate. The politics would insist that their husbands or even their selves could afford to pay for the services of a caretaker who in turn would provide the much-needed care to their relatives. The biggest query is what these women would do that the caretakers would not do if offered a nice pay. Since women are working, it wasn’t better if they paid money for their relatives to be taken care of. In fact, today there a lot of nursing facilities specializing in care for the aged; thus, this should not be an issue.

In conclusion, this paper was seeking to establish political and ethical issues if women leaving jobs to take care of the aged in the society were to be paid Social Security benefits. It would be against the economy to pay these women, and it is unethical to pay for jobs not done. The women could pay for caretakers.


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