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Free «Affirmative Actions Problem» Essay Sample

Argument proposition is a paper that requires one to present facts and reason for the position taken. In order to present a logical argument, it is vital to define the technical terms involved. One of these terms is affirmative action, which refers to a semi-regulated policy to offer equitable opportunity for discriminated groups. It is a positive policy that helps the society although it has various unintended consequences. The second technical term is positive, which means acceptance, good of quality. The term today’s society refers to the current generation. Affirmative action is not a positive thing to uphold in the current generation. This is because of a number of reasons discussed in this paper.


One of the various reasons why affirmative action should be abolished from the society is that it devalues the minority’s accomplishments. It gives preference to specific groups at the expense of their experiences, accomplishments and qualifications (Steven, 2010). Individual competences and accomplishments are present in different societal classes. This means that an individual from a minority group is capable of possessing experience, competence and skills required by the society. Therefore, when giving preference, minority groups should be included and even selected. Affirmative action is to an extent a counter-productive process in its own cause. Efforts are being made every now and then to unite and bring harmony to the society. However, when discriminatory preference takes the center stage, this can not be achieved. Moreover, peace, unity, harmony and mutual responsibility contributes to positivity in the society. Unfortunately, affirmative action is not a positive thing to the current society.



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The second fact discrediting affirmative action as a positive thing in the society is that it is a reverse discrimination. This is because it holds back many qualified individuals in the majority groups. It hinders reconciliation between the minority and majority groups. Affirmative action replaces old wrongs with new ones while provoking violence such as racial tension and aggression (Sowell, 2004). It is evident that affirmative action brings more negative things than positive in today’s society. After achieving societal disintegration, affirmative action creates discrimination among individuals in the favored majority group. The society can not move forward in harmony due to this discrimination. Affirmative action hinders the society from achieving its goals as well as true social equity. Therefore, it is not a positive thing in the current generation.

The other reason why affirmative action should be abolished in today’s society is that there is a gap created between the majority and the minority. Individuals from the majority groups designate themselves as preferred minority group’s members intentionally (Steven, 2010). This is to allow them reap the benefits of being in the minority group. The individual from the minority group are denied their rights by selfish individual who fail to perform at their best. This is not fair as equity is not upheld. The society cannot share the resources or receive equitable treatment through affirmative action. Therefore, it is not a positive thing to endorse in today’s society.

The original intent of affirmative action is to curb discrimination. However, this is not achieved since discrimination still occurs in today’s society. The society assumes that affirmative action helps fight for equality, but this is wrong. It is believed to be an effective method of solving past discrimination (Sowell, 2004). This is hypocritical because it is itself a form of discrimination. It is not possible to fight discrimination with another form of discrimination. Therefore, affirmative action is not a positive thing to adopt in the current society.

The other reason why affirmative action is not efficient is because of quotas. The guidelines of affirmative action require that covered employees should meet specific goals and timetables before being hired. This promotes minority groups and women. As a result, employers are coerced to make hiring decisions with regard to numbers as opposed to the applicant’s overall qualifications (Perumal, 1999). Affirmative action creates a competition for qualified applicants. This is because employers direct job postings to the minorities and women. Therefore, affirmative action leaves no room for competitive advantage in terms of qualifications and experience. It is not a positive thing to adopt in this generation.

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Another reason why affirmative action should not be assumed as positive thing is that it redirects focus. It places the focus on gender and racial related issues instead of strategizing how well a person can perform in a specific position. Affirmative action depicts attention to past issues of discrimination and racism (Sowell, 2004). These issues exist in today’s society. However, affirmative action has no capabilities of retracting past injustices or completely seize them in the future. Therefore, it cannot be assumed as a positive thing by today’s society.

Affirmative action should not be assumed as a positive thing in the current society. This is because it places individuals in positions or situations that are too higher for them to handle. It does this to strike a balance between the majority and minority. When the minorities are placed in higher positions, they find it difficult to cope with the situation (Perumal, 1999). This may be due to lack of experience, low-self esteem or embarrassment. Without affirmative action, people would be placed in places and positions that are suitable for their skills, qualifications and experiences. This is more reason why affirmative action should be done away with in today’s society.

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In an argument proposition, it is vital to recognize the input of those who think otherwise. They may have a point in their particular judgment, but that should be weighed against the paper’s position. There are people who argue that affirmative action compensates and counters the effects of past events of discrimination, exploitation and persecution against the minority in the society (Franchi, 2003). It also, provides equality in employment, business and education opportunities. This is the original intensions of affirmative action. However, this is not so as far as the current society is concerned. Affirmative action covers the past discrimination with new forms of discrimination. This becomes hypocritical and nothing is achieved in the long-run.

In addition, others argue that affirmative action provides diversification at work, schools and among entrepreneurs (Franchi, 2003). This is a move to create an equitable distribution of opportunities in the society. It is also intended to provide an equal access to resources and treatment. However, this places individuals in places or situations that they are not used to. Minorities are placed in higher positions that proves difficult to handle. Moreover, people may lack the required experience and qualifications when placed in positions that they are not used to. Therefore, as much as people may see affirmative action as a solution to injustices, it is not easily compatible in today’s society.

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Conclusively, affirmative action is a symbolic bridge that seeks to strike a balance between the majority and minority in the society. It tries to provide equal opportunities and treatment to all members of the society. However, it does not deliver the intended services or solutions to the society. It is hypocritical and unjust since it generates more forms of discrimination. The rivalry between the majority and the minority is fueled. This is because the majority strives to take advantage of the minority. Consequently, affirmative action is not a positive thing to uphold in today’s society.


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