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In the first month as the president, Barrack Obama cited his independent power to run the Executive to revoke most of Bush government strategies, without any new strategies set to reinstate the questioned provisions. The plans in which President Obama arbitrated offer a tough first estimate of his strategy priority. The way in which President Obama acted shows that he will try to put a higher level of central policy management and control than the majority current Democratic management. Policy invention in the Obama government will, at first, be subject to White House strategy czars in fields of particular magnitude to the President, for example, the environment as well as energy.

President Obama issued strategy Memoranda that directed the Transportation secretary to speed up the issuance of needed auto fuel financial system values in order for them to be enforced on model year twenty eleven cars. It directed the Secretary of Energy to set appliance power competence standard without delay as well as to prioritize necessary future values in accordance to the projected energy reserves and appealing to the Administrator of EPA to re-evaluate its previous choice of rejecting a request for a fresh Air Act waiver by the California state. The called for waiver would allow California and thirteen more States to hit global warming by giving tailpipe emissions values for new cars that are extra tough than those essential by federal regulation.

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Roles, Responsibilities and Functions of the Legislature

The U.S. Government consists of three branches and they are the legislature, the judicial and the executive. Each branch has its own roles and responsibilities. This section will expound more on the legislature.

The legislature is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate that are in one word known as the Congress. It has one hundred senators where each state has two. The different states have varied numbers of representatives and this variation is determined by the population in that particular state. Presently, there are four hundred and thirty five members in the house.

The main functions of the legislature are to pass rules and laws that govern the country, to provide through duty the way of carrying on the operations of the Government in addition to scrutinizing Government administration and policy, mainly proposals for spending. In carrying out these functions, the legislature aids in bringing the appropriate issues as well as facts ahead of the electorate. The Legislature makes decisions on national strategies, objectives, functions as well as services and changes them into legislation for implementation by the administrative power. It also exercises particular quasi-judicial controls for example deciding on challenged elections. It is in charge of expelling its own members incase of some in disciplinary actions. Every regulation propagated by the executive is brought before the legislature for information.

The Bermuda constitution that was introduced in June 1968 and was later modified in the years 1973, 1979, 1989, 2001 as well as 2003 has provisions that relate to the duties and powers of the governor, the protection of basic freedoms and rights of the people and the powers, composition as well as the procedure of the cabinet, the judiciary, the cabinet and the public service.

The House of Assembly is made up of thirty-six members elected through the universal adult suffrage. In turn, it elects a speaker and the deputy and rules for a period of five years, except suspended earlier. The Senate is made up of eleven members who are appointed by the Governor. Five of the members of the senate are selected on the Premiers recommendation and they represent the party in governance.


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