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Whaley (par. 1) highlights a case in Manila, Philippines, where the Supreme Court suspended a newly founded internet law on grounds that critics allege that individuals would be imprisoned for making public posts on social media platforms. The article discusses challenge that is faced in the advocacy for having safe cyberspace and on matters of interdiction of any form of organized crime. There seems to be a tug of war between the government and the business world in implementing suitable laws that create a balance in managing social and corporate systems.

The crisis of internet social media platforms has forced Philippines to pass a cyber crime bill that would permit prosecutors to arrest criminals who threaten with releasing information from computers with cyber misuse. It would permit prosecutors to held cyber criminals responsible for conspiracy in cyber crime arrangements. This bill was felt to deny the victims of internet social crime based on such grounds to seek restitution from the government in cases where they could be making peaceful expressions. Government infrastructures and the internet presence have created and increased security threats which have become a challenge for the governments to address ensuring justice for all.

The overall issue in this article relates to criminal law and cyber crime especially enhancing network security and preventing computer crimes. The fundamental concepts of network security include effective networking security tools, motivation behind networking threats, and various policies and laws imposed by the government to protect a network. This article offers a very current legal analysis and a specific guidance to assist in dealing with deceptive practices in the internet, protecting privacy in the internet as well as avoiding liability that is potentially harmful for users. It provides the information and tools that are required to respond to the universal security concerns effectively involving the public and the government measures.


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