Free «Why Law Enforcement, the Court System, and Correction Institutions should Operate Collectively» Essay Sample

Law enforcement is, primarily, the duty of the police force. We charge the police with the responsibility of ensuring that citizens abide by the law that comes from the court system. The court system is responsible for interpreting the law and applying it to the citizens. It is only after the court system analyses the actions of an accused person it gives a guilty or innocent verdict. On the other hand, correction institutions have the duty of punishing convicts as per the discretion of the court system. As a result, the law enforcement system, the court system and correctional institutions closely intertwine and, thus, there is the need for them to work collectively (McDevitt, 2007).

The three systems share a common goal of ensuring law and order in the society. The absence of any of these systems would lead to a state of anarchy because people would not be accountable for their actions. Besides, a failure in one the systems would affect the efficiency of all the others (Willis, 2008). For instance, if the police become corrupt, they might engage in wrongful accusations that would result in wrongful court judgments and, later, wrongful imprisonment. The three systems should consult and collaborate in order to share a common vision of upholding justice.

On the contrary, there are challenges and limitations facing criminal justice professionals in their pursuit of collaborative relationships. First, there is no comprehensive policy framework to foster the collaboration (Willis, 2008). Thus, the professionals lack definitive goals when pursuing the collaboration. Besides, the systems have competing interests that do not favor collaboration (McDevitt, 2007). For instance, the court professionals have a superiority complex over the police and officers in correctional institutions. Court professionals are, in most cases, learned better than the other professionals. In addition, court professionals sometimes dismiss police officers as corrupt and unprofessional. Such prejudice negatively affects collaboration. The government should foster collaboration of the three groups of professionals by enacting comprehensive legislations and policies at the same time.


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