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The history of humanityis characterizedby crime. It has become a part of the society. This is because a number of people have aggressively attempted to break the societal code of conduct and conventional norms that guide how people act and relate in the society. On the contrary, they engaged themselves in heinous acts. It is clear that some these criminals became famous due to their anti-social behaviour. This essays aims at identifying some of the famous crimes. It will debunk the diverse sociological aspects reflected in these crimes.

Some of the most publicized criminal acts in the United States involve the MaraSalvatruchacriminal gang. This gang has its origin in Los Angeles. It has grown over the years and expanded it territories to other states in the US. For instance, in 2010 it began operating in the Langley Park andTakomaPark in Washington DC. The gang also operates in Mexico and Canada. One of the gang’s most recent publicized criminal acts was in November 4, 2009. Several of its leaders funded a contract toassassinatea federal agent who had cracked down all of its New York factions. The assassination plot to kill the unidentified agent came upafter the arrest of some of the gang members in a New York Subway.They informed the police of the scheme to kill the agent using a high power rifle.

Another publicized criminal act involved the killing of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew on October 4, 2008. The murder took place in their South Chicago family home. This case washighly publicised. It attracted a lot of media attention due to the celebrity status ofJennifer Hudson.

The rate of cyber crimes in the United State has been on the rise. People are creating malware software to collect sensitive information for a number of nefarious reasons. They include: terrorism, espionage and fraud. One of the most recent highly publicised cyber crimes involves Conficker worm. This malware has taken the headlines and infested more than 15millioncomputers. The worm has not yet begun its malice as it awaits its creator’s instructions. However, there are fears that it is constantly upgrading itself and easily disables windows firewalls.

According to Schmalleger (2001), the idea of motive in prosecuting any above crime is paramount. This is because the prosecutor of each of the act must effectively the guiltiness of each act. For instance, the Mara Salvatrucha assassination case, it is tantamount for the prosecutor to the link the gang and the alleged federal and this bring out the idea of motive of the act.


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