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Immigration reform has recently developed into a controversial topic in the United States legislative reform sector. The debate on the reforms started way back in 2001 when the then American president and the congress sought to implement reforms that would see people from Mexico getting legal rights to immigrate into the United States (Frederick & Jean, 2004). These efforts were however crippled by occurrence of the September 11 attacks which led to the development of a new notion regarding terrorism. This had a fundamental impact on the progress in implementing significant immigration reforms that would see strategic regulations being implemented in the reforms sector.

The introduction of immigration reforms is an important element aimed at controlling the entrance of illegal immigrants via the United States borders. The legislative approaches that have been implemented so far have led to a great impact in the long run. For instance, ever since the introduction of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 significant steps have been taken towards the control and regulation of terrorism related activities (Frederick & Jean, 2004). Among other elements supported in this act included the control of unlawful hiring or recruiting of immigrants, introduction of a new visa classification system, and critical social security measures.

The new move towards immigration reforms therefore serves to offer a lasting solution to the current immigration problems especially those witnessed in the labor environment. In addition, this has also led to the occurrence of low levels of immigration seen in the current setting. According to Lind (1998), “By demanding equal rights for legal immigrants, humane treatment for undocumented ones, and continued legal immigration at reduced levels, progressives can oppose mass immigration without being perceived as anti-immigrant…” (p.61). This implies that there will be a significant improvement towards the enhancement of human rights objectives. Lind (1998) further objects that, “Lower rates of immigration would reduce middle-class taxes and raise working-class wages. And the costs of immigration reduction would fall chiefly on the professionals, corporate executives, and investors who have benefited fro a generation from an ever growing pool of cheap immigrant labor” (p.61). In addition, he reforms address the problem of high influx of illegal immigrants. Graham (2008) admits that, “These and other flaws in legal immigration were hardly on the serious congressional calendar” (p.429). It therefore serves to address some of the matters which have been neglected for a longtime ever since the argument on immigration reforms began as a controversial agenda.

However, the introduction of immigration will significantly affect the present cheap labor provisions, which is critical in certain sectors of the economy. If the number of immigrants was to reduce this will create a big gap in terms of human resource potential in these sectors leading to low economic gains. Considering the fact that in the present times, the United States of America Congress is trying to implement initiatives geared towards the recovery of U.S’s economic potential after the recent economic recession (Frederick & Jean, 2004). Therefore, in as much as these reforms appear to bear more gains than loses the long-term factors need to be taken into consideration in order to boost the economic recovery program. It is therefore important for thee issues to be fundamentally addressed through competent legislative provisions in order to enable the enactment of a competent framework capable of addressing all the constantly emerging immigration problems. The best advantage remains on the fundamental terrorism factor, which has become a reality for many nations apart from the United States of America (Frederick & Jean, 2004). The immigration reforms therefore serve to benefit the current and future American population in a good way and enabling the achievement of development initiatives.


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