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According to the US department of defense, maritime terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against people, property or governments, often to gain ideological, religious or political objectives. The terrorists use blackmails and hijacking in order to gain what they want from the ships. This can be called organized crime because the terrorists plan before implementation. The Al-Qaida group is known to have carried out successful maritime terrorism. They had some planned strategies of attack such as; ramming medium-sized ships in harbors or in the presence of other ships. Second, they attacked tankers from the air. The Al-Qaida did these using packed explosives from small planes. Third, they used underwater attack of ships using divers. Lastly, attacking cruise liners and holding them hostage.

The consequences of maritime terrorism include; severe property damage, attendant commerce disruption and massive death and injuries. In order to solve maritime terrorism, its’ important to understand its nature and investigate its’ vulnerabilities, threats, and the consequences. Also it’s important to know the historical data, intelligence and the intentions of the terror groups. Understanding them fully will enable the government make proper rules and regulations against the terror groups.

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From my own point of view, long-term methods should be used in solving issues related to maritime terrorism. The long term methods ensure that the issue is addressed completely and that possible solutions have been suggested. Using the long term method, the problem can be viewed from the offensive and defensive perspective. The offensive include; trial of leaders, carrying out operations against terrorist infrastructure and law enforcement. Destroying the terrorist infrastructure will make it difficult for them to access the ships and hence slowing down their attacks and operations. Their leaders should be tried once caught. The terror groups receive instructions from their leaders. Trying the leaders makes them loose coordination in their operations and hence slower their action. Lastly, creation and enforcement of laws will also ensure that there is a reduced terror attack. The government should come up with very strict rules against the terrorists.

The defensive method includes reconciliation through; serious consideration of grievances and formation of trust negotiations with the leaders. The governments should listen to the grievances of the terrorists before taking an action against them. Listening to them reduces their wrath and hence reduces their consequences of the ships and people. This creates a form of diplomacy between the terrorists and the governments. The other way is negotiating with their leaders. Through negotiations the government is able to know their grievances. Negotiations enable the parties understand each other better and take the preventive measures and hence minimizing the gap between them.

The governments are not prepared fully for the maritime terrorism. The terrorists still stand tall with very powerful infrastructure for their operations. The governments have not been able to destroy their machinery as a way of weakening them. Destroying their infrastructure is the best way of defeating them. There is still a lot to be done in curbing this type of terrorism. Some terror groups such as the Al-Qaida are still very strong. A lot has to be done in weakening the group. Preparation against these terror groups is still not enough and they will continue hijacking and blackmailing ships. Various governments should come together in this fight against maritime terrorism.

The law enforcement is still not prepared. The government has not considered recruiting more personnel in protecting the sea. The number of guards is still the same while that of terrorists increases day by day through recruitment. There are still no strict rules against the terrorists. These groups will continue to be very strong if strict rules are not enacted. Various governments have been making their own rules against the terrorists, but they are sometimes unable to fully implement them without the help of other governments. The government must use intelligence in its operations against the terrorists to avoid increasing their wrath.


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