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The ratio of world law enforcement officers’ to the total world population is dismal (Buzan & Hansen 2009). This means that a very large number of people and their property are vulnerable to be subjected to crime. With this in mind, the partnership between the private sector security providers and the law enforcement is very crucial to current and future security. To cater for the low ratios, this calls for the private sector to do something about their security. This way, surveillance by trained security officers becomes the most accessible means to security (Buzan & Hansen 2009).

The crime of terrorism leads the list of security matters that should be addressed. People have access to the information on how to make a homemade bomb, while others are international terrorists. Human-caused catastrophes definitely raise security concerns (Owen 2004).

To deal with current threats to security, the private sector in conjunction with the local law enforcers need to discuss resident matters to do with rampant breach of security. The forums are also held to issue alert warnings that have been directed on the national level.

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Laws that have permitted gun ownership also play a role in the increased day-to-day security issues. The notion of people having access to weapon should be greatly scrutinised, and disarmament crackdowns should be carried out with more vigour.

Researches investigated various security matters and how they can be curbed. These researchers are not only local, but are also well-known on the global arena, especially on matters of common international security threats. The research reports are then shared and, to some extent, are used jointly.

Courses on security are being gradually offered on a different level either purely as a security course or one that is integrated (Lange 2011). These courses had however not been appreciated much in the United States, as compared to Europe, until the terrorist attack of September Eleventh. Private colleges training security officers are rapidly growing. There are also internet sites that provide security courses, for instance, on terrorism and how to reduce crime rate.

With the continued rapid increase of the world population and a slower rate of law enforcers’ intake, the future of security will heavily lean on the private sector (Munnell 1977). Demand for more security officers also relates to high population that situates in the rural areas, and with a chance of poor employment opportunities, this population is likely to be lured into crime. This is double-edged in that, as security sector expands, it creates job opportunities for the population. More homes will be under surveillance of the security companies, while law enforcers will be left to deal with public areas and guarding against terrorism (Boskin 1986).

The future will brings increased sales of security equipment and control systems. More sophisticated technology will be manufactured with the ability to detect insecurity and curb insecurity, especially nature-caused, which is getting more widespread.


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