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Question one:

The primary issues involved in this situation comprises of Ima’s mischievous behaviors during her eight years of service in the police agency. Ima partakes of numerous illegal activities against the laid down by-laws governing conduct at the agency.

Question Two:

Based on the spelt rules and regulations governing the police agency under which Ima serves, it is believable that there are rightful grounds upon which disciplinary actions could be taken against Goodenough. The specific charges raised against Goodenough could include handling of service calls without backup or cover requests. Additionally, she faces brutality accusations sampled from her 3 previous years of service. Based on these two acts of behavior in the agency, Goodenough has sufficient grounds against which she can be charged.

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The most appropriate punishment should call for job suspension extending over a period of one whole month. For effectiveness, this job suspension should be accompanied by withholding salary for this month. Proper implementation of such a procedure should be intended towards rehabilitation. Goodenough would eventually face a humbling moment derived from prevailing charge ruling.

Question 3:

Based on the prevailing conditions, it is believable that this is a wonderful opportunity to terminate Goodenough’s employment. The grounds for termination of employment exist, though, with a lot of conditions spelt out by Police agency by-laws. It is therefore important for the agency to utilize the opportunity.

Question 4:

Since Ima’s supervisors have continually rated her performance to be standard, it is critically cumbersome to dwell on her weakness for job termination purposes. Although Ima portrays higher crime levels at work, it is not easy to charge her in the court of law capitalized on any offence. The main backing behind Ima’s behaviors is obtainable from her high rating by an immediate supervisor.


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