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Free «Sexual Assaults in the Entertainment District in Downtown of Toronto» Essay Sample

Toronto entertainment district is a hot spot for each and every. The main places of attraction in the district are the countless bars, pubs, restaurants and other places of entertainment. Mainly, it attracts people, gives an opportunity to have fun, relax, and meet new friends. However, according to the statistics, one of the troubles of Toronto entertainment district is sexual assault.

The statistics shows that 44 % of the victims of sexual assault are under 18 and 80 % are under 30 years old. There are about 207, 754 people sexually assaulted during one year; and these are the reported one. Mainly the victims do not report the crime because in 2 of the 3 cases they know the person. And this is the biggest problem of all. People allow themselves to be hurt.

A little time ago, cameras were set in the entertainment district. This was done in order to have a wider control above everything that was going on there. Cameras are effective means to control the situation in order to help people track something when it has already happened, but unfortunately they are not helping in the prevention of it.



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The core of any crime is a human factor. Therefore, in order to start with the prevention of the crime, people must start with changing their objectives. Most criminals are at the age from 16 till 40, so these are young, strong, and healthy people. They know they have the power and precedence over young girls and women. In order to prevent crimes, authority should have a program which reflects how within one minute a crime changes a person’s life, personality, and his surroundings. Different organizations are established with an aim to reduce the rate of sexual assaults.

Huge amount of bars, disco, and other places of entertainment in this district impact the behavior. People looking for leisure do not like to think about anything else. Surely when a person is going out, she cannot predict what troubles may occur. This is the hook on which all the criminals are getting people.

The assaults are mainly happening in places where nobody will notice criminals, so that kind of districts, mainly full of drunk, having fun, and amusing themselves people, are perfect for them.

This problem could be solved in a simple way. The authority may use all advantages of Community Watch. This program of action provides close interaction with people who can really assist in case of emergency. It is an additional tool for the methods of calling the police, using the cameras which record all events, providing advertisement and information to warn people about possible danger.

Nevertheless, Toronto is not a suburb so the watch should be implemented accordingly to the city standards. First of all, a center of the Community Watch should be a spot where all willing people will sign on the line for the program. A specific labels of the Community Watch will be designed for all the involved. The center should have a class for mental support and preparation and also a training room in which they will take classes of self-defense. A willing person should be at the age of 25 and higher, in good health condition without any major medical limitations. After concluding the both classes, they will get a personal label of the Community Watch to diverse themselves from the other people. Also all needed gadgets for the watch will be given out during the time of performing it. The politicians and the police also will be involved in the watch to stimulate other civilians to take part in the program. The outline observation will include all the bars, disco, theatres, and all other places of entertainment. On the entrance to the place of entertainment there will be an implemented sign of the Community Watch. This should be done in order not only to prevent assaults in the streets but also inside of the entertainment places.

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The Community Watch should be sponsored by the government and not be politically oriented. The schedule and the duration of the watch will be developed accordingly to the day of the week or a holiday.

Implementing that kind of program in the community will take time. A lot of warranties should be given and people affected. At the beginning of the program, a poll should be organized in order to analyze whether people approve that kind of program connected with a petition to control the level of sexual assaults by means of community watch. It is important to explain people the strategy to create an organisation consisting of civilians and public agents who will assist in preventing and reducing the rate of sexual assaults and other crimes.

Ii is problematically to predict necessary time frames of developing that kind of a project. Adjusting something new is never easy. But in this case, all of the stakeholders will have an interest and get benefits. People who spend their leisure time going out in the district will feel safer. The watchers, who probably would be parents and friends, will care about the proper order. The police will have somebody to support them in their job. The politicians or military people will get more recognition helping in this case. The bars, clubs, and restaurants will get a lover rate of any offence. Therefore, the district will become safer. The watchers will be always ready to react quickly and in the urgent cases to defend themselves and victims.


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