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Free «The Texas Introduction» Essay Sample

The legislative analysis is critical not only to public discourse but also in decision making. Texas, present an interesting ground for both the Democratic Party and republican Party to enforce their party platform in the legislation making. House of Representatives comprise of 150 members who are elected for a period of two year term (Redman, 9). The Texas Legislature convenes regularly for around five months each year. This paper takes a critical analysis of legislative bills which have been introduced by both Democratic Party and Republican Party. In addition, the paper examines how the bill reflects the each party platform.

Republican Party

The Texas Republican Party philosophy and values are coined to reflect of traditional Texas societal norms (Republican herald, 1). Texas Republican Party was formed on the platform of conservatism which is mainly based upon its support of classical principles against the modern liberalism.

Republican Bills

The American Jobs Act of 2011 bill

Description of the Bill

The American Jobs Act of 2011 bill seeks to eliminate Corporate Taxes as a job creation plan in Texas. The objective of the Bill is: To eliminate Corporate Taxes; create job for American and rejuvenate companies to create more job opportunities. However, this bill has drawn criticism across the divide on its practicability of job creation. The opponents argue that eliminating corporate tax will only allow companies to create jobs overseas but not locally in America.



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Abortion bill (Texas HJR22)

Description of the Bill

Abortion bill (Texas HJR22) proposes a constitutional amendment to ban the state or a governmental entity in the state from supporting practicing of abortion or abortion-related services. Despite the fact that many Democrats oppose this bill, Republican carried the day. This bill addresses the principles of the Texas Republican Party on family ethical values.  

Taxation--Property-Appeal of Tax Decisions (I0796) Bill

Description of the Bill

Taxation--Property-Appeal of Tax Decisions (I0796) Bill is related to the rendition of property for ad valorem tax purposes and to the protest of a penalty imposed for a failure to timely file a rendition statement or property report. The main objective of the bill is to create tax discipline a among property owners. In addition, the bill strives to offer ground for people to protest against unfair treatment by taxman in order to uphold the principle of justice.

Reflection on Republican Party platform

Republican believes on strong Families values. The intention of each family to give their children the hope of a better tomorrow remains one of the party commitments. Secondly, the party believes in principled, innovative leadership. Thirdly, there should be limited Government interventions but the government should only unleash economic growth so as to provide opportunity for all. In addition, the party believes in rugged individualism and entrepreneurial spirit. Towards this, republicans believe on policies which promote free market economies with less fiscal policies.

The Texas Democratic Party

The Texas Democratic Party principles and party platform is focused on social liberal and progressive development. The party believes that the government should be as good as the people.

Democratic Bills

Texas Education Works (H.B. No. 1624)

Bill description

The Texas Education Works (H.B. No. 1624) bill is related to the issues of health, education, curriculum and instruction procedures in public schools. This bill stipulates that any course materials which relates to human sexuality, will only be chosen by the board of trustees. However, this choice must also be based on the advice of the local school health advisory council. The bill seeks to comprehensive address issues of adolescence and teenage sexuality in school. Moreover, the bill strives to enhance education system which is inclusive of teenage health and life skills.

Objective of the bill

  • To enhance good societal values among school going students and teachers
  • To promote  healthy life skills among the students through  goal setting, responsible individual decision making, and effective communication among the student;
  • To promote health awareness among the students

Texas Medical Marijuana 2011 Bill

Description of the bill

The bill states that anyone who is facing marijuana-related offense under a given federal law shall have the right to produce evidence showing that the marijuana-related activities for which he or she stands accused are practiced in line with state law concerning the medical use of marijuana (Auken, 2). The marijuana bill also gives privilege to the so called medical marijuana farmers who are looking for an opportunity to grow the medicinal plant. In fact, any material captured during a police raid that is used for medical marijuana should be taken back to the defendant. The Medical Marijuana bill has elicited a sharp public discourse across the country. The democrats are in support of the bill since their party platform allows for individual choice and liberalism.

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Objectives of the bill

The legislation on Texas Medical Marijuana is meant to limit the federal government’s function in implementing anti-marijuana laws and further grant people the opportunity to legally grow, use or sell marijuana in states where it is legal.

Reflection on Democratic Party platform

Texas Democratic Party believes that the government should be as good as the people. The party strongly believes that democracy which founded on the principles of sacred values of family, freedom and fairness, will give opportunities to the people to realize their God-given potentials. In addition, the party values progressive development of all since less can be achieved through individualism. In addition, the party promote values that are geared towards environmental conservation and reduction of global warming (Goldman,54)

In conclusion, the legislative analysis of these two major parties in Texas, reveals that most of the bills are sponsored based on the party platform and principles. Each bill has a wider motive of either directly or indirectly meant to fulfilling  a given  party interests and policies.


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