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During recent years, many problems and issues have been rising and appearing, and one of the most dangers issues is “Violence against children.” This issue has spread widely, and we see it in every country. Violence is defined as “any act of violence and aggression aimed at causing physical, mental, or moral damage for an individual or group” [1]. Violence against children may include physical, sexual, and psychological violence as well as the deliberate neglect. Witnessing and suffering from household assault can lead kids to develop a range of age-dependent side results. Study in this area has targeted on the intellectual, behavior, and psychological results of household assault. Children who observe and experience physical punishment in the home and kids who are misused may show many similar psychological results. These kids are at higher risk for internalized habits such as anxiety and depressive disorders, and for externalized habits such as battling, violence, or unfaithfulness. Moreover, they are disobedient at school just like at home, and are likely to have social proficiency problems, such as poor academic performance and difficulty in connections with others. Child witnesses show unsuitable behavior about assault as a means of solving issue and indicate a higher desire to use assault themselves.



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Now we see the violence against children happens through multiple forms, starting from the words and the emotion that may seem straightforward, such as intimidation of the child and threatening to strong emotion such as beating or sexual abuse, leaving the effects of both phenomena in the body of the child or deep in his mind. Emotions such as unrest, fear and anxiety, affect his life intensely dangerously.

My concern is violence may have serious implications on the development of children. In the worst situation, it can result to death or injury. Nonetheless, it may also influence negatively the health of children, and their capability to study or even their enthusiasm to go to school. In addition, it can cause children to run away from home, exposing them to greater risks. Violence destroys self-confidence in children, and undermines their capacity to become good parents in the future. Children who are exposed to violence face a higher risk of depression and suicide in the future.

Much of the violence is hidden. The children do not find the ability to report an act of violence that happened to them because they fear punishment from the perpetrator of abuse against them. The abuser of the child may not see anything unusual or wrong in subjecting the child to violence, and they may not consider the acts of violence in it, violent at all, but perhaps they may consider it as a justified necessary punishment. The victim may feel ashamed or guilty believing that the violence was deserved. Moreover, that often leads children to a lack of desire to talk about it.

Some people think that when they punish the child physically, they are using this method to teach him right and wrong. For example, when children take things that do not belong to them, their parents hit them on their hands, and tell them that their actions are wrong, and they should not do that again, or they will still hit them until they learn these lessons.

Other people think that because there are some children are hard to deal with, and do not respect or listen to what their parents are saying, they need another way of treating them. Like when the mother or the father are talking, acting or they are with some guests and their son comes and interrupts them, starts shouting and crying just because he wants something and want his parents attention. Parents hold their child and start shouting on him, to make him stop what he is doing and sometimes they beat their children to make them quiet and start to behave well. However, one can see that the argument against violence against children provide stronger argument for not punishing children.

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Children, who face violence face increased risk from exposure to the neglect, affect their well-being, security, and stability. The serious consequences of violence may be reflected on the child's health and his ability to learn. It also destroys the child's confidence and weakens his ability to control himself.

Nevertheless, emotional problems such as fear, anxiety, and low self-esteem result from this violence. Several studies show that kids, who are exposed to violence, are more vulnerable to the non-social behavior than children who their lives are free from violent practices. These studies also showed lower social competence in children who faced violence as well as relatively high in cases of anxiety and depression. In addition, they show some symptoms of shock, stress and fear. For example, some studies in United Kingdom showed that children who witness forms of domestic violence are more likely to be victims of bullying. This is because of their fear of what they did see or deal with in their houses.[2]

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In other cases, some children show aggressive behaviors. When their parents beat children, they react badly and sometimes it might create a dark side in the child’s life. For example, if the mother beat her daughter in a hard way just because she did something wrong even if it were a little mistake, and her mother used to beat her like this way every time. She will have a detrimental reaction, which might cause the mother’s death, or the suicide of her daughter or even the child may lose the ability to feel pain. That will make her not to feel her pain and the suffering of other people. Some scientists say that most criminals had become this way because of the hardships and the violence that they experienced when they were young. Some of them had been subjected to violence, and because they kept the hate and the grudge, they want equality, thinking they should make people suffer as they suffered in their childhood.

In conclude and my point of view, I think that violence is wrong because when we put the children - through violence - and force them to face painful realities; we lead them too much larger burdens than their potential in such a young stage. A child's vulnerability to violence or to abuse of people who love and trust is the main threat to his sense of self, which has extended effects on his personality, which grows over the years and in his relations and compatibility with the community where he lives.

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Some solutions can be used to prevent the violence from happening. Government should enforce regulations and legislation that regulate the way of dealing with children in schools, public places and homes. In addition, they can strengthen the role of media to fight against this phenomenon, and to harness TV programs with some of the drama series and use such opportunities to prove that beating, harming children is wrong, and no one should think of doing it at any time whatever the situations might be [3].

Preaching and religious guidance are essential to protect the community from domestic violence. As the teachings of Islam show the importance of compassion and family cohesion as a family is a vital part in the human life. If anyone saw a family that shows violence, he or she should obtain some expert advice to provide psychological and social support for the parents then teach them how to act and deal with their child. This act will lead to educate parents to deal with their offspring and improve the association between them.


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