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Violence is referred to as the internal use of physical power or force, or threatening an individual, groups or a community that injures, kills or causes psychological harm. Many people in America have been victims of violence. About 1.5 million people in the world experience the acts of violence. Violence can occur in the family, work places, school or in government offices. Violence in America has caused physical, psychological and economic problems to the victims. Most of the states in America experience gun violence. The government has fought to eliminate violence, but in vain. People have rejected to solve problems peacefully, and they opt to avenge forcefully. Some of the causes include excessive use of drinks, poverty, misunderstanding and desire for power. The government has imposed strategies to deal with violence with the assistance of criminal justice system. The victims of violence develop suicidal tenderness and fail to perform effectively in the work place or schools. Children can develop delinquent behavior and run away from the families.



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One factor cannot lead to violence because it occurs due to a number of factors. It occurs at different levels with social, biological and ecological factors’ involvement. Biological and personal attributed factors influence the behavior and increase the likelihood of an individual of becoming a perpetrator or a victim of violence. Some of the biological and personal factors that determine the individual involvement in violence include genetics, brain lesions, age, education background, income, substance abuse and personality disorder. Individuals can inherit a violent gene from their parents (APA p. 5). Most of families in America have a chain of violence. For example, children of violent parents end up becoming violent. Children from families with domestic violence ends have had families with domestic violence.

Social factors also contribute to the development of violent behavior in America. Close relationship peer influence and experiencing violence activities can lead to the adoption of violent behavior. Children in schools can learn violent behavior from their friends. Children associating with violent people end up developing the violent attitudes and behavior. When an individual is treated violently, he/she can adopt such behavior in order to revenge. Children born by violent parents adopt violent behavior, because they learn the behavior from their parents and also seek for revenge. Raped women also adopt violent behavior to men, because they seek revenge and develop a negative attitude towards men. Finally, societal factors lead to violence in America. Things like the acceptance of violence in society, cultural practices and norms, income inequality and exposure to violent activities through media and political instability leads to violence. All those factors create an environment with violence encouragement (Krug 60).

Violence results in the creation of a lot of problems which affect individual psychologically, physically, socially and economically. Most of the victims end up developing the violent behavior. Violence causes injury and deaths to many people in America. A lot of people have lost their lives in America as a result of violence. Victims of violence engage in irresponsible behaviors like alcohol abuse, smoking and unsafe sex which lead to cardiovascular disorders, depression, cancer,and early deaths. Most of the counties in America have low economic growth, due to violence. Families with children in schools suffer when the main breadwinner dies due to violence. Violence also leads to closure of business, which reduces the income of the state due to little contribution to government taxes. The efforts for society, criminal justice system, health and social welfare to solve violence divert many billions ofdollars which could have been used in the development of the state. Violence also decreases the individual ability to perform physically and socially. Students facing violence drop school performance, while people at work decrease in work performance. Some people fail to attend their normal duties at home and work when facing violence. Violence has spear effects and elimination, or reduction of violence can lead to economic and personal growth (APA p. 4).

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The government of America has tried to resolve the issues, but still people commit violence. The following should be practiced to reduce violence in the current American society. Children should be brought up with a stable and nurturing relationship with parents or guardians. This will prevent child abuse and the children will not engage in violence behavior. It will prevent children from learning violence behavior and encouraging acceptable behavior. Life skills development can assist the child in grow without involvement of violence. Always, they will have something to do and avoid assaulting their friends (Jones 45). The reduction of availability of alcohol will ensure people do not abuse alcohol, hence, minimize violence. Violence caused by the use of a gun can be reduced by reducing the access of guns. The government of America should issue gun to trained security officer, but not private individuals who do not know the proper use of guns. Changing of social norms and cultural practices which encourage violence will also reduce the effect of violence. Finally, gender equality encouragement can contribute to the reduction of violence. Application of those strategies will create a safe environment in which people will grow without development of violence. People will grow unaware of violence activities, and this will ensure complete resolution of violence with time (Krug 56).

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Violence in America has resulted in negative effects to the lives of people staying in America. The government, private organizations and nongovernmental organizations have tried to solve the issues of violence, but in vain. They should consider dealing with psychological and social causes rather than physical.

In conclusion, violence has been the greatest problem in the society today. People have been fighting to resolve the problem but unsuccessfully. The problem associated with violence include, social, economical and physical. For this problem to end, people should consider solving psychological problems first. This will only reduce the rate because violence in the society will never end.


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