Free «A Case Linkage Between Drug Misuse And Crime» Essay Sample

The sole objective of this study is aimed towards establishment of specific and identifiable steps into looking at the relationship of drugs to crime and other psychosocial problems that is rampant especially among the youths who get grossed in drugs. The approach of the study is based on a timeline that includes the following aspects;

Observation and critical fact finding-This involved mingling with the youths who were victims to drugs so as to be in a position to draw some crucial information from them that could form a basis for the study. This involved physical interaction with the drugs victims which enabled them to be at ease to provide relevant information to various questions directed to them.

Interrogation and in-depth data analysis-This involved the main core of the study. It involved personally interrogating the drugs victims, asking them what their reasons are for abusing certain drugs and what motivated them to follow certain directions in life. Some main reasons that erupted were neglect by parents, hostility especially in the family setting, mistreatment owing to various factors and failure by parents to instill proper standards in these youths who were addicted to drugs. This stage of the study however proved to be challenging since most of the victims were so conservative and were not open or ready to share their experiences maybe due to issues like stigmatization and self pity.

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Analysis of effects of drug and substance abuse-Drug abuse refers to the intake of drugs with no prescription from a health consultant and it may involve consuming illegal drugs like bhang, marijuana, heroine which all have negative impacts to an individual’s mental and physical health. Among the core effects include, dropping out of school due to lack of concentration, chronic stressful conditions like anxiety and depression and engagement in unethical behaviors like pre-marital sex resulting to unwanted pregnancies and diseases. Another effect is incitement to engage in criminal activities so as to at least have some money to purchase the drugs especially for those having a strong addiction to them.

The costs involved in the entire study were a bit huge since it involved physical transportation to various site to gather and collect data, some respondents were so rigid, so in-order to motivate them to talk, some enticements had to be offered to them, costs of analyzing, editing and preparation of the entire report was also a-bit high.Nevertheless,the financing for this entire study was provided through a sponsorship program that was keen to address the issue of drug and substance abuse prevalent among the youths. The funds helped to a great extent since it saw the entire study being conducted effectively and final report being compiled to address the issue of relationship between drug abuse and crime in the societal setting.


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