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Free «The phenomenon of the same sex marriage» Essay Sample

The phenomenon of the same sex marriage has been a crucial issue in the contemporary world. This is primarily driven by the cultural differences in the society, which has led to the emergence of a push and pull factors that impair the acceptance of the same-sex marriage. Nevertheless, opinion polls released by ABC and Washington Post in 1998 indicate that out of the people who participated in the surveys, 32% supported same sex marriage while 62% did not support it (Arsenault). This shows that there are groups of individuals who express interest on same-sex marriage. These are people who play direct roles or are indirectly affected by the issue. They include existing same-sex couples, members of the clergy in different denominations, legal representatives, and liberal members in the community. Hence, the debate matters because it will elevate the existing diversity expressed in terms of social groups, cultural dispositions, and individual preferences. It will also provide same-sex couples with an opportunity to enjoy privileges given to heterosexual couples. In UK, registered same-sex couples are entitled to similar benefits as enjoyed by heterosexual couples, for example, accident compensation, immigration, life insurance, child support, spouse support, and inheritance (Belge). In this regard, recognizing same sex couples will create a better society by promoting virtues of humanity, equality, justice, and freedom of choice.



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First, legalizing same-sex marriage will strengthen the perspective of marriage as a respected institution in the society. Marriage is a formal union that is essentially expected to create better and fruitful associations in the community through a seamless relationship between families residing as the union. This provides the necessary support framework required in the community setting because humans live in a society where people depend upon one another. There is nothing that supports that dependability factor like a family unit. According to Leslie, “national governments tend to favor the traditional marriage system because the historical approach has been towards institutionalization of critical aspects in the society”. She adds that the main aim of this is to promote the general welfare of people in the society (Leslie). Consequently, same-sex marriage should be recognized as an institutional on its own, which is capable of enjoying the same support framework like other aspects in the society. Legalizing same-sex marriage will strengthen the development of continuity among the gay community by enabling them to set up institutions that recognize their individuality. This will enhance the existing support framework in society such that same-sex couples will be able to enjoy benefits that other heterosexual couples are enjoying. Although same-sex marriage may seem trivial, it is, in fact, crucial in terms of today’s concern over the existence of stable social stream that befits diverse sexual personalities endowed by individuals.

Secondly, same-sex marriage will promote social cohesion in the society because it will justify the need to recognize differences that exist between individuals, especially those emanating from biological and cultural dispositions regarding human sexuality. According to the Baltimore Sun, “marriage as an institution ensures that there is some degree of social stability regardless of whether children are present or not”. Indeed, there have been arguments regarding the social effects of legalizing same sex marriage such as discouraging procreation or hampering the ability to nurture children (The Baltimore Sun). Achieving a cohesive social life in the society demands that all members in the society should enjoy their rights, which are guaranteed constitutionally, in terms of choosing what they feel, is suitable for one’s life. Legalizing of same-sex marriage will enhance the achievement of justice through inclusion of all members of the society regardless of their sexual choices and disposition. Indeed, social inclusion demands just treatment and respect for individual choices. Ultimately, what is at stake is the protection of individual liberties, freedom, and justice for same-sex couples.

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Thirdly, legalizing same sex marriage will improve the moral values framework in the society by removing the conservative approach among people towards same-sex marriage. According to Head, “people who support a conservative attitude in the society tend to show preference for traditional ideas of relationships with regard to treating them with kindness, warmth, and generosity”. The intention is to preserve the moral goodwill of the society towards marriage and sexual relationships. This definition implies that same-sex marriage does not enjoy the same moral virtues given to heterosexual unions; consequently, undermining the moral benefit and its classification as a negative social norm. Thus, legalizing same-sex marriage will eliminate the negative moral nature accorded to the couples. In fact, it will enable people to begin focusing more on the positive values, which will gradually be included in the moral value framework of same-sex marriage. The discovery will have significant application in the definition of core family values as well as the moral nature of same-sex marriage.

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Fourthly, as far as raising children by same-sex couples is concerned, some people claim that children having same-sex parents may suffer in their social adjustment, school success; moreover, sexual orientation may also affect children’s participation in other extra curriculum activities. Sports is among the most notable extra curriculum activities in the school setting and, in some cases, it serves to provide extra credit assessment among the students who have talent in sports. Whenever self esteem lacks students may perform dismally, which may lower their final academic outcomes. Student raised by same-sex parents may acquire the same sexual orientation as their parents, which may undermine their biological makeup. In as much, it may not be possible to determine one’s sexual orientation at an early age, children growing in such families may take it upon themselves to follow in the foots of their parents. In essence, these children may gradually undergo a social transformation process in which they are inspired to acquire a new definition of a sexually active lifestyle. Nevertheless, same-sex couples can overcome this negative association by adopting effective and positive parenting methods. According to Mollmann, “the key to childhood adjustment is strong relationships between parents and children and the parents themselves”. These finds have significant consequences in the broader domain of parenting as a virtue that should be promoted across heterosexual and same-sex marriages, in order to protect the future of children raised in either family setting.

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Finally, indeed, legalizing same-sex marriage will provide an avenue for acknowledging the benefits of humanity, freedom, justice, and equality as tenets of cementing better relationships and family life in the human society. The institutionalization of marriage needs to take into account the occurrence of same-sex relationships as a way of formalizing their unions. This will enhance the support framework of the society given the fact that people are increasingly depending upon each other, in almost every aspect of life. Thus, isolating one community because of its unique mannerisms does not improve the lives of its members. The lasting solution is to bring same-sex couples to be at par with other heterosexual couples by letting them enjoy similar benefits and privileges. This will result in positive gains by eliminating the negative association given to them over the years. It will lead to a new era, where family life is treated as a right for everyone even in situations where there are children. Therefore, the campaign should focus more on the adoption of positive family values and modes of upbringing to protect the family unit. This will improve the definition of same-sex union in the future generations by eliminating the negative image.


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