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According to Myers Cinderella is a highly obedient girl who tends to follow each and every instruction of her step mother (Cinnamon & Larsen, 2006). She is not only obedient but also very simple not analyzing that her step sister live in comfort and do not perform any activities (Cinnamon & Larsen, 2006). Myers have negated that Cinderella was weak and she did not had the decision making power allowing others to suppress her with ease. According to him such a view would be a Fundamental Attribution Error over evaluating his characteristics and channeling them negatively (Cinnamon & Larsen, 2006).

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So Myers have concluded that the behavior that has been shown by Cinderella was not reflecting her personality so it could not be used to sketch her individual qualities (Cinnamon & Larsen, 2006). Myers also states that instead of making any judgments about Cinderella it would be more useful to deeply analyze the situation. It is not the fact that Cinderella gave all her hopes and was not interested in showing her preferences to the hostile step mother and step sister. On the contrary she tried to go out from home to socialize (Cinnamon & Larsen, 2006).

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According to Myers the main characters of this tale Cinderella and Prince Charming were made to exhibit the traditional characteristics of the male and female that are the tradition from centuries. Myers states that it was not the fault of Prince Charming to let Cinderella go unnoticed when she was dressed like a maid. It is rather the tradition followed by the men from ages (Cinnamon & Larsen, 2006).

According to the critique it was Reward Theory of Attraction that made Prince Charming a compelling person towards Cinderella. On the other hand, some criticism also reflected from the work of Andrea Dworkin, who asserted that We have not formed that ancient world [of fairy tales]—it has formed us. We ingested it as children whole, had its values and consciousness imprinted on our minds as cultural absolutes long before we were in fact men and women...”( Dworkin 32).

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Another critic Luthi has marked Cinderlla as a character who has strong nerves and tends to keep herself calm and controlled in each situation. According to Luthi it is not easy for any person especially by a child not to be a rebellion and avoid any exits to run away from he situation. Cinderella showed great patience and remained obedient to her step mother and sisters. Luthi states that this resilience to coupe in a given situation is not easy and women are better to exhibit such a character than men (Cinnamon & Larsen, 2006).

Luthi extends his statement and gives credit to Cinderella who is not fearful of showing her interests but is formidably obedient to her step relatives (Cinnamon & Larsen, 2006), She was accepted the hard time from the  natue and stood right to face the challenges that came across her way and coupe with them in a beautiful manner (Cinnamon & Larsen, 2006). According to him it was this noble character that made her shown attributes that attracted Prince Charming and put him in distinction. Even the unintentional ignorance from the prince did not let her get the maximum out of her efforts nature did the justice (Cinnamon & Larsen, 2006).

Another aspect on which Luthi has emphasized is the reward and the punishment of the characters. In which he objected over the vicious nature of punishment given to the step sisters of Cinderella. According to him they were treated like professional killers of old times and stated that the Grimm brothers version of Cinderella ended with extreme (Cinnamon & Larsen, 2006).

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