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Hercules represents the ideals of a Greek warrior in this myth. He was the son Zeus and a mortal woman. This gives Hercules the status of a demigod.  As a result he embarks on a number of missions throughout his life to challenges gods in duels that he ended up winning. As a result this essay aims at debunking the theme of strength in this myth.

It is clear that Hercules displayed great strength since he was an infant. For instance, one night two snakes attacked him and his brother while sleeping in their nursery. He kills them both at once by strangling them. However, it is also clear from the myth that Hercules’ strength made up for other deficiencies in his life. He was less intelligent and patient. As a result he does impetuous acts that later haunt him.   

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In the story Hercules is bewitched and becomes insane. As a result he kills his wife and three children.  He then recovers from his insanity and knows of the in despicable actions he did. He tries to kill himself but Zeus his father convinces him not to. Zeus urges him to purify himself. This leads to the famous almost unattainable tasks that Hercules had to do to purify himself. The twelve tasks clear bring out the theme of strength in this myth. He kills immortals in the twelve tasks and captures the extremely resistant to captivity creatures in the myth.

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This myth of Hercules is one the most popular Greek mythologies. There are many movies, comic books and animations based on this story. As a result it formed a good basis for this essay. This is because readers easily identify it and relate with it. This story brings out the human element of constant struggle in life. It is clear in the story that Hercules constantly struggled between his godly urges and the weaker mortal impulses. As a result he made several mistakes that haunted him much of his life. So, he struggled to make up for them. This delineates our everyday life as humans.

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