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Free «Analysis of the Textual Clues» Essay Sample

Analysis is one of the most difficult things to perform on this earth merely because of its nature and unmatchable stance. Inevitably, research or analysis of two people cannot match with each other because two people cannot have an identical thinking as well as writing style (Booth, Mayes 24-35).

There can be number of types of analysis like financial, investment, character and story based, and every type varies from analytical things. Story based analysis is one of the common kinds of analysis which has its own importance (Booth, Mayes 24-35).

The stance of textual based clues are quite common and important from the standpoint of writing, and in the given analysis, this will be analyzed altogether with the relevance of two different stories which particularly are “The Gift of the Magi” and “A Rose for Emily”. Both of these stories were written and presented so many years ago but are still readable in most of the countries as an authentic literature (Booth, Mayes 24-35).



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Textual clues are nothing but the behavior of the person who is writing a thing. Textual clues analyze what is the behavior of the author saying while writing and vitalizing the thing accordingly. The main perspective of this assignment also relates to textual clues used in above mentioned two stories. Quotes and direct statements can also be taken into consideration for the same. An approach has been taken into account to complete this task which is to summarize the stories first and then analyze its textual clues.

Analysis of the Textual Clues

As mentioned above, analysis has many faces and text analysis is one of them which has its own importance and recognition in the long run analysis; hence fruitful things have been taken into consideration in order to complete the same (Booth, Mayes 24-35).

The first story which has been taken into consideration, for the analysis, is “The gift of the Magi”. “The gift of the Magi” is a short, romantic but quite thought provoking story written by O’Henry (a pen name for William Sydney Porter), one of the greatest writers of that time. The story is all about a couple who loved each other so much and always remained desperate to arrange some gifts on Christmas for each other. The couple had gone through many challenges and hardships of life, but they never left each other, in any time. The story took place in the United States, and it was written and presented in the year 1906 (Booth, Mayes 24-35).

The number of ups and downs can be found in the text of the story. Textual clues can be found easily in the content of the story. When O’Henry wrote about the personal life of the couple, then the tone of happiness can be easily gauge from the writing as well as from the loving and trusting quotes (Booth, Mayes 24-35). The best of the textual quotes can be found from the hard times of the couple, in which they do not have enough money and resource to give gifts to the other partner. A tone of sorrow and grief along with excruciating pain can be found easily in the writing of the author which is showing that the author is in great pain and sorrow while writing the hardship and complexities of the life of the couple (Booth, Mayes 24-35). The ending of the story is quite good because it is a happy ending and number of textual clues can be found easily from the content. When it is described as the couple manages to arrange sufficient gifts to each other, then the tone of the writer becomes extremely happy, and the confidence level goes on the top (Booth, Mayes 24-35).

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“A rose for Emily” is yet another short story written by William Faulkner and published in the year 1930. The story opens with a brief first-person account of the funeral of Emily Grierson, an elderly Southern spinster. It then proceeds in a nonlinear fashion to the narrator's recollections of Emily's archaic and increasingly insane behavior throughout the years.

The story is about a girl who lost her entire family including her father but one person wants to marry her. Likewise, the other story, this particular story also has lots of ups and downs in it. Textual clues can be easily found from the plot of the story as when the author was about to describe Emily, and the incident took place with Emily, then his tone changed entirely (Booth, Mayes 24-35).

There is a time in the story when the tone of the writer becomes very alarming as Emily was on the mercy of her relatives and they were not behaving like humans. Sufficient textual clues can be found in the ending of the content when the main character or the hero of the story came into being to take Emily with him. A tone of happiness and charm can be easily detected in the content of the story at the end in which the author gave a good ending.

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From the analysis of the two stories, it can be easily stated that the essence of textual clues can be found easily in almost every object of literature.


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